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2020-11-04 07:13:42

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Little Hope is full of many things and they allow us to tell you how to find all the secrets of witchcraft, let's see.

What are the witchcraft secrets in Little Hope?

These are simply a type of necessary secrets that we must obtain on the one hand to qualify for the Dirty Little Secrets trophy, on the other hand because they are necessary elements to achieve a good ending, in such a way that knowing how to find all the secrets of witchcraft allows us pull a total of 25 in Little Hope and thus embark on an interesting search.

How to find all the secrets of witchcraft in Little Hope?

This is a task that usually becomes somewhat long and makes us have to go through some places to find 25 secrets and they are the following:

  • The Book of Paganism: This one sits close enough to a damaged windshield of a capsized bus that getting to it requires taking control of Taylor after the accident.
  • The hidden steering wheel: This is located on a table, it is only necessary to look to our left near the exit, to find it we can get it at the Gato Negro Bar once we have finished talking with Vince.
  • The war photo: in Little Hope there are several secrets and this photo specifically is one of them, as it is necessary to take a look at the ground before getting out of the Gato Negro bar.

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  • The visitors map: Little by little we move through some places that lead us to know how to find the secrets of witchcraft and specifically this map makes us go to the farthest corner to find it, this happens when we move to the left of an area picnic area, which we access after leaving the Gato Negro bar.
  • The runic stones: These are located on an altar which is necessary to access to take them, for this search it is necessary to have a flashlight that allows us to see the narrow path to reach the shed and it is an object that if we do not look closely until we will leave it they are to find, because it is necessary to go through them to a building that we can observe after Daniel and Taylor have descended from a ledge.
  • The newspaper of the Arrested Minister: knowing how to find all the secrets of witchcraft makes us go through a good space and this leads us to take this piece of paper from a room, as it leads us to have to enter the building and to do so choose between use the container or the ladder, so it will be necessary to leave the room and continue through a corridor that can take us to the floor to exit while still taking a look to our right before reaching outside and taking the paper.
  • Hippie artifacts: There are several elements to get in this game, this is specifically located on a desk where it is necessary to interact with a cardboard box, so we will focus on walking to the police station and entering to get to a place with a sign called Jail, and take the option of inspecting the place where we will see the desk with the artifacts.
  • Vandalized Statue - This one is pretty easy to find at Little Hope as you only need to take a look when you leave the police station.
  • The inscription of the stone: This game makes us achieve many things and know how to find all the secrets of witchcraft is one of those complex tasks, however, to take this secret it is necessary to arrive alone, because this occurs when Daniel and Taylor may be separated, since we must find a path to the picnic to move to the tables that are on the left side and take the narrow path to locate said inscription.
  • Lambert's writing: to get it, it is necessary to lower the camera where we find a displaced sign on the ground, which we must raise to get this secret the Little Hope, for this it is necessary to look for the writing that is hanging on the wall of the museum, this can done while John and Andrew are talking.
  • María's testimony: This journey to know how to find all the secrets of witchcraft becomes a bit long and this leads us to look for a photo of Amy and interact with it by lowering the camera to secretly locate, this makes us have to go to the room with the hanging dolls.
  • Mary's Witness Statement: Our job to find this secret that needs to be unearthed once we've managed to grab and remove the cover leads us to have to walk in the direction of the next room in the museum looking for a glimpse of the wall that is on the left.
  • The illustration of the courtroom: We continue in the museum and it is time to take a look at the wall on the left side to grasp this secret that leads us to have to pull the cover and pull it to take it, this occurs when we we headed to the exit.

  • The bible: others know the necessary details to get leads us to locate the old bible, because this is part of knowing how to find all the secrets of witchcraft, for this it is necessary to continue in the museum, examine the bible like Daniel to open it and discover the secret in one of its pages, this usually happens after we have met with Taylor and continue the vision that takes us to the table where the bible is.
  • The house of Tilly Johnson: This secret leads us to have to move through the road to locate a house after leaving the museum only that this I could realize as Taylor and it is a plaque for the house.
  • The Independence Day massacre: Little Hope has come to make us work a bit and this makes us have to pull back the wooden board that usually covers the plate that is attached to a large rock, this occurs when we turn around from the plate and try to go on the left side of the road.
  • The place of execution: The places that we must get here are somewhat complex but they are part of the necessary locations which makes us have to focus on knowing how to find all the secrets of witchcraft, in such a way that this secret particularly to find it makes us having to use the flashlight to move through a narrow area that is on the upper left side, this usually occurs before crossing the road to access the excavation site.
  • The photo of the church: It is necessary to interact with this photo and this leads us to have to lift the corner to get the secret, this is usually done when we look at the blackboard with drawings after having seen that the group has left the church escaping from a demon.
  • The homily: This is located in a drawer, and it is necessary to interact with this secret, for this it is necessary to enter the room that is located on the right side before going in the direction of the altar.
  • The shepherds of the little hope: We cannot lose this secret and it only consists of a list of shepherds that is hung on the right wall of the church altar in Little Hope.
  • The tomb of Mary: it is necessary to locate the plaque and for this it is ideal to reach the picnic area, in such a way that it is necessary to take the path that takes us on the left side near the history restoration.
  • The portrait of Judge Wyman: we continue our journey to know How to find the secrets of witchcraft and this leads us to lower the camera to observe a plate and lift it to find this secret, because this occurs when we look on the wall on the right side where there is a portrait inside a room small enough that we got when we entered the factory and managed to go down the stairs to walk and turn on the right side.
  • Judge Wyman's Letter: This secret leads us to take a look at the rubble and shelves with trophies in the room where the portrait is located.
  • Reverend Carson's letter: This is the final witchcraft secret in Little Hope and it is located behind a closet, to get it it is necessary to use the flashlight since it is required to see the plinth on the right that is next to the house, then interact with this and proceed to move the camera to take a look below where we can see the bust that is broken and locate this secret, which is in the back of Megan's house in a closet.

This is all you need to do to know how to find all the secrets of witchcraft as it is a good amount in Little Hope, so give it a try as they are useful.