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This time we return with a Little Hope guide with the objective of explaining how to find all black framed pictures.

What to know about the black framed pictures in Little Hope?

These are collectibles that can make us understand the fatal moments that it is possible for our crew to go through, these pictures bring with them premonitions that are related to the dangers and even death of the characters, to save them it is necessary to find 6 in total, what which in turn allows us to be rewarded with the achievement or mortal visions trophy, so to have an idea of How to find all black framed pictures let's see the following content.
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How to find all black framed pictures in Little Hope?


  •  Family members: Once we leave the Bar Gato Negro we have to locate the picnic area that is surrounded by the proximity of the building that is on the left, on a table we will find this image.
  • The Human Sacrifice: When we have control of Angela the first time, we have to go to the entrance of a house located on the left, thus reaching a dead end and in a barrel here we find her.
  • Like a stone: being transported with Daniel and Taylor to 1692, we have to go down a narrow path that will take us to a playground, on a picnic table that is very close to a stone we will find the image.
  • Dark Magic: this image is found from where the museum was entered from the room with Daniel and Taylor, when both meet it is necessary to return to it to find it on the left of Daniel on the table
  • The Voodoo Doll: having Taylor under our control once we leave the museum, it is necessary to go down the stairs to reach a picnic area on our left, in the first bench that we will find when walking is the image
  • Pressed into silence: the last of the pictures we find when having control of John in a closed factory, we have to locate a box that is near the green door with the exterior light on.

 It is clear that knowing how to find all black framed pictures allows us to have more fun in Little Hope.

The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope
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30 October 2020
Single-player, multiplayer
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