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2023-09-19 14:23:38

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Where to find All Payphone and Trinity Door in Lies of P with our comprehensive guide.

In the immersive world of Lies of P: Trinity, players are tasked with uncovering secrets and solving mysteries. One crucial aspect of the game involves locating payphones and Trinity doors. These hidden gems hold valuable rewards and are essential for progressing further in the game. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide detailed instructions on finding all the payphones and Trinity doors, ensuring that you don't miss out on any exciting opportunities.

Section 1: Payphone Locations

The Factory Payphone:

Located in the heart of The Factory, this payphone is relatively easy to find. As you explore the area, keep an ear out for the sound of a ringing phone. Once you've identified the source, turn right and follow the sound. It will lead you to the payphone, hidden within the shadows.

Upon reaching the payphone, you will encounter the enigmatic Riddler. Answer his riddle correctly to unlock the rewards that lie within. The riddle presented to you will vary, but one example is: "I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have no body, but I come alive with the wind. What am I?" The correct answer is "Human." Successfully answering the riddle will not only affect your character's humanity level but also reward you with a Trinity Key, which will be needed to unlock Trinity doors scattered throughout the game world.

The Malum District Payphone:

Located in the dark and ominous Malum District, this payphone requires a bit more effort to reach. To access it, you must first clear your path by defeating two puppets that stand guard. Once you've dispatched them, ascend a ladder that will take you to the payphone booth, hidden among the shadows.

Section 2: Trinity Door Locations

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The Factory:

Within The Factory lies a Trinity door waiting to be unlocked. To find it, head towards the Red Fox and Black Cat NPCs. From there, proceed towards a dirt path adorned with a red tube. As you make your way through the path, you will come across a massive vent where three enemies are stationed. Defeat them to clear your way.

Upon eliminating the enemies, search for a distinctive green door marked with a triangle symbol. This is the Trinity door you seek. As mentioned earlier, you will need a Trinity Key to unlock it. If you have obtained a key by correctly answering the Riddler's riddle at the Factory Payphone, use it to unlock the door and gain access to the secrets that lie beyond.

St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel:

The ethereal atmosphere of the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel holds another Trinity door waiting to be discovered. As you navigate through the chapel, keep an eye out for two significant items: the Black Cat's Amulet and Monster Sweeper's Hunting Apparel. These items will play a crucial role in your journey, so make sure to locate them before proceeding further.

Estella Opera House:

While specific information regarding the Trinity door in Estella Opera House is not available at this time, rumor has it that it holds some of the most captivating secrets and alluring rewards in the game. As you explore the grand halls and hidden passageways of the opera house, be on the lookout for any signs or symbols that may lead you to the Trinity door.

With this comprehensive guide, you now possess the knowledge to locate all the payphones and Trinity doors in Lies of P: Trinity. Remember to collect the Trinity Keys by answering riddles at different payphone locations, as they will grant you access to valuable rewards behind the Trinity doors. Whether you find yourself in The Factory, St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel, or Estella Opera House, this guide will ensure that you don't miss out on any of the exciting opportunities that lie within these hidden locations. Embark on this thrilling adventure, unlock the secrets, and may luck be on your side!

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