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Angel Marquez
2023-09-21 09:22:03

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Dive into our simple, effective guide on How to lower the ladder near a shed in Lies of P.

In the thrilling Lies of P: In the Path of the Pilgrim level, players encounter a dangerous battle against a powerful mini-boss. This battle unlocks access to the Malum District and leads players on an exciting journey to lower a ladder near a shed. To successfully accomplish this task, follow our friendly guide below.

Defeating the Mini-Boss and Finding the Inaccessible Drop Ladder

After defeating the soaring mini-boss, players will come across a set of stairs and an inaccessible drop ladder situated above them. These stairs mark the entrance into the shed area but require further progress through three levels until reaching the Barren Swamp region.

The mini-boss battle is a challenging one, requiring players to utilize their skills and strategies effectively. It is recommended to come prepared with high-level weapons and potions to increase your chances of success. Once the mini-boss has been defeated, players can proceed to the next step in their journey.

Obtaining the Cryptic Vessel from the Treasure Hunter NPC

To progress further and unlock access to the shed, players must obtain the Cryptic Vessel from a treasure hunter NPC located in the Barren Swamp region. This NPC is usually found near the entrance of the swamp, searching for hidden treasures and artifacts.

Engage in conversation with the treasure hunter NPC and inquire about the Cryptic Vessel. They will provide you with this valuable item, which is essential for the next step of the process. The Cryptic Vessel acts as a key to decrypt encrypted messages that are crucial for unlocking the shed.

Conversing with Another NPC and Unlocking the Shed

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Once you have obtained the Cryptic Vessel, return to the slums and search for another NPC standing in front of the shed. This NPC is usually found near the entrance, guarding the shed and ensuring that only those with the proper authorization can enter.

Engage in conversation with the NPC and show them the Cryptic Vessel. They will be impressed by your progress and grant you the key to unlock the shed. It is important to pay attention to their dialogue and respond accordingly to ensure a smooth interaction.

Eliminating Carcasses and Ascending/Descending Ladders

With the shed now unlocked, players can enter and proceed with caution. Inside the shed, there may be two carcasses that pose a threat. These enemies must be eliminated to ensure your safety and progress further.

After eliminating the carcasses, players may need to ascend ladders to explore higher areas within or around the shed. These ladders may lead to hidden treasures or provide a vantage point for scouting the surroundings. It is advisable to carefully explore the area, as there may be additional challenges or puzzles that need to be solved.

Finally, players must locate and descend through the previously inaccessible drop ladder. This ladder was initially unreachable but is now accessible after completing the necessary steps. Be prepared for any surprises or enemies that may be waiting for you at the bottom.

Claiming Your Reward

Once players have successfully descended through the drop ladder, they must follow any further paths or instructions as needed. This may involve navigating through more levels, engaging with NPCs, or solving puzzles to progress.

After completing these tasks, it is time to return to the shed and claim your well-deserved chest reward. This chest contains valuable items, such as rare weapons, armor, or resources that will aid you in your future quests and battles.

Lowering the ladder near a shed in Lies of P: In the Path of the Pilgrim level doesn't have to be a challenging endeavor. By following this friendly guide, players can navigate through various levels, engage with NPCs, eliminate enemies, and uncover valuable rewards. The journey through the Malum District is filled with excitement and adventure, and the well-deserved chest reward at the end is a testament to your skills and perseverance. So gear up, prepare your strategies, and embark on this thrilling quest in Lies of P: In the Path of the Pilgrim.

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