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Lidia Rozo
2023-09-19 14:20:18

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Discover Where to Find Weeping Woman Baby in Lies of P. Unravel secrets, tips, and tricks to be victorious in this intricate game.

Chapter 2 of the popular game Lies of P presents players with an intriguing side quest involving the Weeping Woman's Baby. This guide aims to provide a detailed walkthrough of the quest, including the location of the baby, returning it to the Weeping Woman, and the moral dilemma of choosing between lying or telling the truth. Additionally, the guide will explore the rewards and consequences of each choice and offer tips on how to restore your Humanity stat if you choose to lie. So, let's dive into the world of Lies of P and embark on this captivating side quest.

Location: Krat City Hall

To begin the quest, you need to reach Krat City Hall. Along the way, you will encounter two adversaries: Mad Donkey and Scrapped Watchman. Defeat them to clear your path. Afterward, descend from the Stargazer and take a left from the broken cart. This will lead you to the next phase of the quest.

Abandoned Park

Once you have reached the abandoned park, it's time to search for the Weeping Woman's Baby. Explore the area thoroughly, as the baby's whereabouts are well-hidden. Keep your eyes peeled for any clues or objects that may lead you to the baby. Eventually, you will come across the Baby's Puppet, a significant item that indicates you're on the right track.

Returning the Baby

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Now that you have successfully located the Weeping Woman's Baby, it's time to return it to its rightful owner. Make your way back to the Weeping Woman's house, ensuring the baby's safety throughout the journey. Once you arrive, you will have to make a crucial decision: whether to lie or tell the truth.

 Moral Dilemma: Lie or Tell the Truth?

In this side quest, you are presented with two options: lying to the Weeping Woman or telling her the truth. Each choice carries its own consequences and rewards.

  •  Lie to the Weeping Woman: If you choose to lie, you will be rewarded with a Vivid Ergo fragment. This fragment holds great value in the game, potentially providing you with advantages in future quests. However, be aware that lying will come at a cost to your Humanity stat, reflecting the moral ambiguity of your actions.
  • Tell her the truth: Opting for honesty may offer a different reward, though specifics may vary depending on the game version or updates. However, the significant advantage of telling the truth is that it will not impact your Humanity stat. This choice aligns with a more virtuous path, showcasing your character's integrity.

Rewards and Consequences

The choice between lying and telling the truth carries its own set of rewards and consequences. Depending on your preference, you can decide which path to follow:

  •  Lying: By choosing to lie, you will receive the coveted Vivid Ergo fragment as a reward. This fragment can be a valuable resource and may assist you in future encounters. However, it's essential to note that lying will result in a decrease in your Humanity stat. This decrease reflects the moral implications of your actions and may impact later gameplay elements.
  • Telling the Truth: While the specific reward for telling the truth may differ based on the game version, one advantage remains constant: there will be no impact on your Humanity stat. This choice allows you to maintain your character's moral compass and integrity.

 Restoring Humanity Stat

If you have chosen to lie and wish to restore your Humanity stat, there is a way to redeem yourself. Head over to Hotel Krat and listen to the Feel record. This action will aid in restoring your Humanity stat, allowing you to regain a sense of balance.

Optional Encounter: Elysion Boulevard Area

After returning the Weeping Woman's Baby, there is an optional encounter available in the Elysion Boulevard Area. This specific area may provide additional opportunities for exploration or side quests. Keep an eye out for any unique encounters or items that may enhance your gameplay experience.

Finding and returning the Weeping Woman's Baby in Lies of P is a captivating side quest that offers players the chance to make impactful decisions. Whether you choose to lie or tell the truth, each choice comes with its own set of rewards and consequences. Lying may grant you desirable rewards, such as the Vivid Ergo fragment, but will diminish your Humanity stat. Telling the truth, on the other hand, allows you to maintain your character's integrity without affecting your Humanity stat. Ultimately, the choice is yours to make, and it's important to consider the implications of your decisions. So, venture forth into the world of Lies of P, explore the depths of your character, and immerse yourself in this intriguing side quest.

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