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2023-09-21 10:14:56

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Master How To Get Proof of Humanity Special Weapon in Lies of P. Power up your game today and conquer challenges!

Lies of P is a popular video game that offers players the chance to obtain a powerful special weapon known as the "Proof of Humanity." This unique weapon can greatly enhance your gameplay experience and give you an edge in battles. However, acquiring the Proof of Humanity is not an easy task and requires careful decision-making and strategic gameplay. In this detailed guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of obtaining this special weapon.

Requirements for Obtaining the Proof of Humanity

Before diving into the details of obtaining the Proof of Humanity, it's important to understand the requirements. There are several prerequisites that need to be fulfilled in order to embark on this special quest.

1. Ending Routes: Choose either the "Free from the Puppet String" or "Rise of P" routes. These specific ending routes will unlock the opportunity to face the final boss, known as the Nameless Puppet.

2. Nameless Puppet: The Nameless Puppet is the final boss encountered only on the "Free from the Puppet String" or "Rise of P" routes. This boss battle is crucial for obtaining the Proof of Humanity weapon.

3. Lie System Scenarios: Throughout the game, there are various scenarios where you will have to make choices that determine the ending route you are on. Make sure to carefully consider your decisions in these scenarios to ensure you are on the correct route for obtaining the Proof of Humanity.

Avoiding Geppetto's Heart

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One crucial point to note is that you should avoid giving Geppetto's Heart to any character. Giving Geppetto's Heart triggers a different ending called "Real Boy: They All Lived Happily Ever After," which does not lead to the Proof of Humanity weapon. So, be cautious and avoid giving away Geppetto's Heart during your gameplay.

Defeating the Nameless Puppet

Once you have fulfilled the requirements and are on the correct ending route, it's time to face the Nameless Puppet. To reach the Nameless Puppet, you must follow the specific ending route you have chosen. This route will lead you to the final boss encounter.

During the encounter with the Nameless Puppet, he will make a request. It is crucial that you refuse his request. This refusal is important for the continuation of the quest and obtaining the Proof of Humanity weapon.

After refusing his request, engage in battle with the Nameless Puppet. This will be a challenging battle, so make sure you are adequately prepared with powerful weapons, armor, and special abilities. Utilize your skills and strategies to defeat the Nameless Puppet and emerge victorious.

Returning to Hotel Krat

Once you have successfully defeated the Nameless Puppet, it's time to make your way back to Hotel Krat. Hotel Krat serves as a central hub in the game and will be your destination for the next step in obtaining the Proof of Humanity weapon.

Exchanging Ergo with Explorer Hugo

At Hotel Krat, you will come across a character named Explorer Hugo. He plays a crucial role in the quest for the Proof of Humanity weapon. Find Explorer Hugo and initiate a conversation with him.

During the conversation, you will need to exchange the Nameless Puppet's Ergo with Explorer Hugo. Ergo is a special item dropped by the Nameless Puppet upon its defeat. This exchange is essential for progressing towards obtaining the Proof of Humanity weapon.

Obtaining the Proof of Humanity Special Weapon

Once you have completed the exchange with Explorer Hugo, you will receive the coveted Proof of Humanity special weapon. This weapon is incredibly powerful and will significantly enhance your gameplay experience.

The Proof of Humanity is a unique weapon that boasts high attack power, special abilities, and a visually striking design. Wielding this weapon will give you an advantage in battles and unlock new possibilities in your gameplay.

By following this detailed guide, you will be able to successfully obtain the Proof of Humanity special weapon in Lies of P. Remember to choose the appropriate ending route, defeat the Nameless Puppet after refusing his request, and return to Hotel Krat for an exchange with Explorer Hugo. The Proof of Humanity is a highly sought-after weapon that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. Good luck on your quest, and may the power of the Proof of Humanity be with you!

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