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Lidia Rozo
2023-09-21 10:29:46

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Discover Where to Find Handle Altering Materials in Lies of P. Uncover hidden secrets, enhance gameplay, and strategy. 

Welcome to this friendly guide on where to find handle altering materials in the game Lies of P. As an avid player of this captivating game, I understand the importance of finding these materials to enhance your gameplay experience. To make it easier for you to navigate through the different areas, we have divided the locations into specific sections. So, grab your gear, sharpen your skills, and let's embark on this thrilling adventure!

Section 1: Workshop Union Entrance

The Workshop Union Entrance is a crucial location for finding handle altering materials. To reach this area, follow these steps:

1. Drop a large crate in a strategic location: As you explore the game world, keep an eye out for large crates scattered throughout various levels. Find a suitable spot where dropping a crate can open up a pathway or reveal a hidden entrance. This creative approach will lead you closer to the Workshop Union Entrance.

2. Defeat any enemies that stand in your way: While navigating through the game, you will encounter enemies guarding different areas. Engage in combat and defeat them to clear your path towards the Workshop Union Entrance. Use your combat skills and special abilities to overcome these challenges and progress further.

3. Ascend to a Dimensional Butterfly using the designated pathway: Once you have cleared the area of enemies, look for a designated pathway that leads to a Dimensional Butterfly. The Dimensional Butterfly is a unique creature that possesses handle altering materials. Ascend towards it and claim the rewards that await you.

Section 2: Venigni Works Control Room

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The Venigni Works Control Room is another location where valuable handle altering materials can be found. To reach this area, follow these simple instructions:

1. Walk confidently on iron beams towards your destination: As you explore the industrial-themed environment of Venigni Works, you will come across a series of iron beams. These beams serve as a pathway towards the Control Room. Walk confidently along these beams, maintaining your balance, and reach your destination.

Section 3: St. Frangelico Cathedral Library

Discovering the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library is an adventure worth undertaking. Here's how you can get there:

1. Locate a room with four floor holes: As you explore the majestic St. Frangelico Cathedral, keep an eye out for a room with four floor holes. These holes serve as a significant landmark that will guide you towards the library.

2. Defeat the Dimensional Butterfly that awaits within: Upon entering the library, be prepared to face a formidable foe in the form of a Dimensional Butterfly. Engage in a challenging battle, utilizing your combat skills and weapons to defeat the creature. Once victorious, claim the handle altering materials it possesses as your reward.

Section 4: Malum District

Leaving the Red Fox and Black Cat establishment will lead you straight to the mysterious Malum District. Here's what you need to do:

1. Exit from the Red Fox and Black Cat establishment: After spending some time in the bustling Red Fox and Black Cat establishment, exit through its doors and venture into the darker and more sinister alleys of the Malum District. Be prepared for encounters with dangerous enemies as you make your way towards handle altering materials.

Section 5: Estella Opera House

The captivating Estella Opera House holds valuable handle altering materials if you follow these steps:

1. Defeat two hunter puppets and a Dimensional Butterfly along your path: As you explore the grandeur of the Estella Opera House, you will encounter two hunter puppets and a Dimensional Butterfly. Engage in combat with these foes, utilizing your agility and precision to overcome them. Once they are vanquished, claim the handle altering materials they possess.

Section 6: Technique Crank & Balance Crank

For those seeking both the Technique Crank and Balance Crank, here are their respective locations:

1. Technique Crank - Look for it near a bonfire: As you explore the vast game world, keep an eye out for bonfires. Near one of these bonfires, you will find the Technique Crank. This valuable item will allow you to enhance your weapon's handling capabilities, granting you an advantage in combat.

2. Balance Crank - Keep an eye out for it on a narrow ledge: While journeying through treacherous landscapes, be attentive to narrow ledges along your path. On one of these ledges, you will discover the Balance Crank. This handle altering material will enhance your weapon's stability, enabling you to strike with precision and accuracy.

Congratulations! With this friendly guide, you now know exactly where to find handle altering materials in Lies of P. These materials are valuable resources that can enhance your gameplay experience and give you an edge in combat. Explore each area with confidence, utilize your combat skills, and make the most of these valuable resources. Happy hunting!

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