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Angel Marquez
2023-09-21 09:59:16

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Unlock the truth with our guide on How To Get Free From Puppet String Ending in Lies of P. Discover empowering strategies.

Welcome to this guide on how to obtain the "Free from the Puppet String" ending in the game Lies of P. In this blog post, we will provide you with a structured outline of the necessary actions and choices required to reach this desired ending. So let's get started!

Always Choose Truth:

Throughout the game, make sure to select the truth option in all scenarios, even when prompted to lie or tell the truth. This applies to various encounters and interactions. The game emphasizes the importance of truth, and choosing truth consistently will set you on the path towards the "Free from the Puppet String" ending.

Save Sophia:

When encountering Sophia, ensure that you let her live after defeating Laxasia the Complete. This choice is crucial for progressing towards the "Free from the Puppet String" ending. Sophia plays a significant role in the story, and saving her is a symbol of your commitment to freeing yourself from the puppet strings.

Liberating Sophia:

During your confrontation with Simon Manus, explicitly state that you have liberated Sophia from Arche Abbey. This further solidifies your path towards attaining the desired ending. By acknowledging Sophia's freedom, you are asserting your own autonomy and breaking free from the control of others.

Refuse Geppetto's Request:

After a boss fight, Geppetto will request that you stay on a particular path. It is essential to refuse his request as it aligns with your objective of achieving freedom from puppet strings. Geppetto represents the manipulative forces in the game, and by refusing his request, you are asserting your independence and rejecting his control over you.

Defeat The Nameless Puppet:

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Engage in a confrontation with The Nameless Puppet and defeat it to proceed further towards your goal of reaching the desired ending. The Nameless Puppet is a symbol of the puppet strings that bind you, and by overcoming it, you are breaking free from its influence and asserting your own agency.

New Game+ (NG+):

In your subsequent playthroughs or New Game+, always choose truthful answers just like in your first playthrough. This consistency in choosing truth reinforces the theme of honesty and liberation from puppet strings. By continuing to prioritize truthfulness, you are reaffirming your commitment to freedom.

Deny Sophia Peace and Inform Simon:

When given an opportunity at the end of the game, do not give Sophia peace and inform Simon about it instead. This choice further demonstrates your refusal to conform to the expectations and desires of others. By denying Sophia peace, you are asserting that you are not a puppet to be controlled, and by informing Simon, you are breaking the cycle of manipulation.

Refuse Geppetto Again:

When Geppetto asks for your heart, refuse once more as he expresses his resentment and says, "You're just a puppet." This refusal is significant in achieving the "Free from the Puppet String" ending. By refusing Geppetto's request, you are asserting your autonomy and rejecting the idea that you are simply a puppet to be controlled.

By following this guideline and making the appropriate choices throughout your gameplay, you will be able to unlock the coveted "Free from the Puppet String" ending in Lies of P. Remember, always prioritize truthfulness and refuse to comply with Geppetto's requests. Best of luck on your journey towards freedom! As you progress through the game, keep in mind the underlying themes of liberation, autonomy, and truth. With determination and strategic decision-making, you will navigate the intricate world of Lies of P and achieve the "Free from the Puppet String" ending.

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