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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to find all the aether currents in Kozama'uka.

If you are a Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail player, you will have to worry again about finding Aether Currents and the first region you will encounter will be Kozama'uka, which is home to Hanuhanu and Moblins and also has different ether currents that will be very useful for you to collect, something really incredible. 

You must keep in mind that the map is divided into two layers, being the lower region the first one you will visit and after that, the story will guide you to the upper region through the different missions that the main story of the game presents you with. 

You will have to be very attentive, since you will find 10 streams of field ether for you to collect and besides that, you will get 5 streams of the same that are related to missions. Although one of these streams can be obtained easily while you advance in the area's main scenario mission, the other 4 will represent a challenge for you, since they come from specific secondary missions designated by a blue bubble that has a cross attached to it and that you will have to complete successfully. If you want to know more about it, keep reading and join us. 

How to Find Every Aether Current in Kozama’uka

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Utilizing the Aether Compass:

An invaluable tool in your Aether Current acquisition endeavor is the Aether Compass. This ingenious device, located within your collections menu if previously removed from hotbars, acts as a directional beacon, pinpointing the nearest Aether Current and indicating its distance.

Field Aether Current Locations:

Ten strategically positioned Field Aether Currents are scattered throughout Kozama’uka. These currents are readily obtainable and identifiable by green dots on the in-game map. Refer to the following coordinates for their precise locations:

  • Coordinate 1: Uyuyub, near the House of Winds High by the tree’s base (X: 8.7, Y: 11.5, Z:0.0)
  • Coordinate 2: Caverns beneath the waterfalls (X: 9.4, Y: 17.9, Z:0.0)
  • Coordinate 3: Uyuypoga, on an island in the river north of House of Waters High (X: 27.7, Y: 7.6, Z: 0.0)
  • Coordinate 4: Uyuypoga, north of the main road on the way to House of Waters High (X: 31.9, Y:14.4)
  • Coordinate 5: Dock Poga, at the end of the pier (X: 39.8, Y: 13.5, Z: 0.1)
  • Coordinate 6: Glostfired Bank, in a cave past The Imperious ruins (X: 6.3, Y: 23.7, Z: 1.3)
  • Coordinate 7: Miyakabek’zoma, on an island in the middle of Marsh Ligaka (X: 23.9, Y: 31.9, Z: 1.1)
  • Coordinate 8: The Dewspun Bank, on the southern cliffs near the boat to Tuliyollal (X: 31.2, Y: 38.0, Z: 1.2)
  • Coordinate 9: Miyakabek’zoma, on the small islands along the road (X: 22.5, Y: 27.0, Z: 1.1)
  • Coordinate 10: Shoals of No Return, amidst the shipwrecks north of the area (X: 15.5, Y: 34.3, Z: 1.1)

Quest-Locked Aether Currents:

Five additional Aether Currents are intrinsically linked to specific side quests, denoted by blue dots on the map. Completion of these quests is mandatory to acquire the associated currents.

  • "Ripe for the Offering": A'anuhanu (X: 20.0, Y: 11.7, Z: 0.0)
  • "Rite of the Wind's Chosen": Lanuhanu (X: 16.5, Y: 10.3, Z: 0.0)
  • "Divine Inspiration": Vendavoq (X: 11.6, Y: 26.9, Z: 1.1)
  • "All Good Potpacts Must Come to an End": Movamuq (X: 11.0, Y: 27.8. Z: 1.1)
  • Completion of the Main Scenario Quest "Sibling Rescue"

The Pinnacle of Flight:

By diligently acquiring all fifteen Aether Currents, you will be rewarded with the liberation of flight within Kozama’uka. This newfound aerial prowess will undoubtedly expedite task completion, resource gathering, and overall exploration within the region. Soar through the skies, adventurer, and claim dominion over the vast expanse of Kozama’uka!

In conclusion, we hope that this guide on How to Find Every Aether Current in Kozama'uka will be helpful to you and that you will be able to obtain all the aether currents so that you can collect this incredible element, which will be very useful when advancing in the story of the game. You will only need to be very attentive and follow the instructions provided, all while enjoying all the adventures that Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail has for you.

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