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Our guide today aims to explain to you How to get Anvil Hammer in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree?

The Anvil Hammer, a formidable colossal weapon introduced in the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion for Elden Ring, has become a coveted tool among the Tarnished due to its ability to crush enemies and break stance with ease. However, obtaining this hammer requires insight and skill, as it is found hidden deep within a challenging dungeon.

How to get the Anvil Hammer in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree?

The Anvil Hammer resides within the bowels of the Ruined Forge Lava Entrance, one of the new side dungeons added by the expansion. This dungeon is located in the Plain of Tombstones region, the starting zone of the DLC, just north of the "In Front of the Castle" Site of Grace.


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  • From the "In Front of the Castle" Grace Site, head down the narrow path to the left of the Messmer Soldier Camp.
  • Follow this path until you reach an intersection.
  • Turn right and continue forward until you encounter a group of Bloodfiends (Orcs) fighting Messmer Soldiers.
  • Eliminate the enemies and proceed to the "Ruined Forge Lava Entrance" dungeon entrance.

Dungeon Navigation

Unlike traditional dungeons with bosses at the end, Ruined Forges present a series of puzzle-based challenges with levers and platforms. Overcoming these obstacles will require ingenuity and methodical exploration.

Obtaining the Anvil Hammer

Upon reaching the end of the dungeon, you will come across an anvil. Interact with it to acquire the coveted Anvil Hammer.


  • Classified as a colossal weapon, ideal for builds that prioritize Strength.
  • Deals bludgeoning damage and possesses an exceptional ability to break the posture of enemies.
  • The default Ash of War, Smithing Art Spears, cannot be modified, but offers a powerful AOE attack that damages and affects the posture of opponents.
  • Scales with the Strength, Intelligence, and Faith attributes.

Additional Considerations

  • The “Ruined Forge Lava Entrance” dungeon can present a considerable challenge, so it is recommended to be prepared to face formidable enemies and environmental hazards.
  • Carefully explore the dungeon to discover additional valuable items that could be of use.
  • The Anvil Hammer, while a powerful weapon, benefits from a specific build that maximizes its potential.

As such, acquiring the Anvil Hammer in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is a task that demands cunning and determination. However, for those Tarnished who manage to overcome the dungeon's challenges, the reward will be a colossal weapon capable of crushing any adversary.

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