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Find out How to Unlock the Godfinger Games in Zenless Zone Zero with our explanatory guide.

Godfinger games represent an innovative feature within the Gacha title Zenless Zone Zero, offering players an engaging and challenging minigame experience. These games not only provide additional entertainment, but also allow users to compete against each other and earn valuable rewards. Below is a detailed analysis of the mechanical aspects and rewards associated with Godfinger games.

Gameplay Mechanics

Game Modes: Godfinger games are divided into two main modes: Arcade and Event.

  • Arcade Mode: This mode offers permanent access to two minigames: Snake Duel and Soul Hounds III. In the future, additional minigames are expected to be added. Snake Duel recalls the classic snake game, where the goal is to consume food to grow the reptile. On the other hand, Soul Hounds III features a soul hound that must dig blocks and collect grenades to progress.
  • Event Mode: This temporary mode features unique challenges and allows players to compete against each other in real-time for the highest scores. Rewards for participating in this mode include event currency and Polychromies, a valuable in-game resource.

Challenges and Rewards

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  • Achievements: By successfully completing mini-games, users earn achievements that grant them additional rewards.
  • High Scores: In Event Mode, players compete for the highest scores, which grants them recognition and the rewards mentioned above.

How to unlock Godfinger Games in Zenless Zone Zero?

To access Godfinger Games, players must complete the Interlude Main Commission and select the “Sure! Let’s Go” option when Billy asks if they want to hang out in the game room. Afterwards, users can find Billy on Sixth Street in front of a building with a sign that says “Godfinger.” By interacting with Billy, players can begin enjoying the mini-games.

In conclusion, the Godfinger games stand as a valuable addition to the Zenless Zone Zero experience, offering players engaging gameplay mechanics, exciting competitions, and rewarding rewards.

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