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This time we return with a Fortnite guide, aiming to explain where to find the 40 characters in chapter 2 season 5.

What to know about the characters in Fortnite?

There are many characters available in this season 5 chapter 2, which we can find throughout the map, with the battle pass we will find a series of offers regarding the skins that are exclusive to the game, with these characters we can talk to collect and complete rewards that have to do with the elimination of some objectives as players on the map, it is ideal to get additional resources such as gold bars and manage to locate some enemies, even among these there are weekly challenges that have 5 rewards to achieve, It is important to consider the hostility that some of the characters have, capable of shooting us as soon as they see us, now in the following content of this guide we will talk about where to find the 40 characters in chapter 2 season 5, so let's pay close attention .

Where to find all 40 characters in chapter 2 season 5 in Fortnite?

Let's look at the locations of the characters below:
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    • In the nice park we meet Doggo
    • In the corner of the cat to Kit
    • In the Durr a Beef Boss burger truck
    • At the pizza pit to Tomato Head
    • At Camp Cod a Buner Jonesy
    • In the weeping forest to Bigfoot
    • On Hydro 16 to Ruckus
    • On the steep cliffs to Fish Stick
    • In the park nice to Tonto
    • On Lazy Lake to Spark Plug
    • In the steam stacks to Quemado
    • On Lazy Lake to Turk
    • In the sweaty sands to Banished
    • On Lazy Lake to Rapscallion
    • In the sweaty sands to Sleuth
    • In the fort from Crumper to Grimbles
    • In the orchard to Sunflower
    • At Steem Farm east of the Colossal Coliseum to Farmer Steel
    • In Salty Towers a Bushranger
    • In Holly Hedges a Ragnarok
    • At Shipwreck Cove, the retail row to Cole
    • In Weeping Woods to Kyle
    • In Slurpy Swamp he Great Chuggus
    • At Hilltop House, Craggy Cliffs a Remedy
    • At the Point pristine a Fuego
    • At the Lighthouse at Splode
    • In Misty Meadows a Long Shot
    • In the building, Bandolier blushed
    • In the steam stacks at Ojo de toro
    • On the crashed charge, west of Sweaty Sands to the Trigger Fish
    • In the Sheriff's office to the dead fire
    • In Dirty Docks to Brutus
    • Southwest from Sweaty Sands to the Grim Reaper
    • In Misty Meadows to Kondor
    • At Shipwreck Cove to Mave
    • In the butter barn at Mancake
    • In the colossal coliseum to Menace
    • In Razor Crest al Mandalorian
    • In Dirty Docks to Reese
    • In Hunter's Haven to Lexa

    We hope that these details on where to find the 40 characters in chapter 2 season 5, will provide the usefulness that was expected to progress in Fortnite.

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