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2020-12-04 08:04:53

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The action in Chronos Before the Ashes does not stop, so today we are going to explain how to beat the Labyrinth Guardian.

What to know about Chronos Before the Ashes?

Many fights will be presented throughout the game, among which several bosses stand out, among which is the guardian of the labyrinth, which is one of the greatest challenges we will face, being necessary to have some strategies and much more to achieve it, then The content of this guide will help you understand how to beat the guardian of the labyrinth, so let's continue reading.

How to beat the Labyrinth Guardian in Chronos Before the Ashes?

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We have to take this confrontation with the sword, considering that it is one of the bosses that acts more quickly and that is where this weapon comes in to attack quickly while we stay at a distance, the guardian of the labyrinth is able to teleport in When attacking, we must anticipate this movement and avoid it easily, lasers are another form of attack capable of causing us great damage, this is launched by it when we see that we move away from its range, which will lead us to be balanced near and far at the same time avoiding the attacks, now we have to at some point enter a melee battle to avoid the lasers and dodge the swinging attack when we notice it, even if we get to be in its range we will be able to avoid it , be aware of teleportation and the use of the sword constantly, in the end we will be defeating it.

 Finally, now that we know how to beat the
Labyrinth Guardian we can move on in Chronos Before the Ashes.

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