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We invite you to discover How to attack, one of the most important tasks in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

What to know about Immortals Fenyx Rising?

We will go through an endless confrontation with different things in this game, being necessary that we focus on combat as a vital factor, it is certainly ideal that we keep in mind different systems that go in this direction and will help us understand how to attack, therefore we must consider some aspects that are presented in this guide below, so let's look at them.
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How to attack in Immortals Fenyx Rising?


  • The attack: we can carry it out with 2 weapons, taking into account that among How to attack we have the sword at the beginning, which allows us to cause great damage in these initial stages and shooting at the same time with it, while the ax It can stun enemies even if its movements are slower.
  • Basic: it is important to consider that it is not possible to heal during combat, so if we want to stay alive we have to use potions or plants, even having those weapons that have qualities that lead to recovering some health in Immortals Fenyx Rising.
  • The Parry: there is the possibility that the attacks are countered, having to press the LB and RB at the precise moment, the result being related to the How to attack reflected the projectiles that come towards us and if we have the appropriate equipment it is possible to get to stun them, now if these enemies are flashing red it is not possible to stop the attacks, so it only remains to dodge them.
  • Stun: when the enemies are hit with a stun attack, a secondary bar that they have below the health bar will fill up, when they fill it is not possible that they can attack us in Immortals Fenyx Rising for a certain time.
  • Stealth: among so many options related to How to attack we have that stealth is of great value since it is possible to approach to make an attack in silence against our unsuspecting enemies, causing considerable damage, it is possible to obtain objects that they can make us invisible and we can take many advantages from this mechanic.
  • Dodge: with this movement, we will have an important advantage in Immortals Fenyx Rising, because if we avoid being hit we will be able to counteract the attacks, only that we must have the correct synchronization in some cases, such as those attacks that have an area of ​​effect if we want to avoid them.
  • Combat with bow and arrow from a distance: one of the options regarding how to attack is from a distance with the help of the bow and arrow, taking into account that there are 2 main attacks, one consisting of a quick shot with the right trigger and another that will be loaded if we hold down the trigger, now while aiming it is also possible to shoot an arrow guided by our control focusing on vital places such as the head so that the damage is greater.
  • The combined counter: this is located on the right of the screen, showing that with each hit we give our enemies this will increase, now in case we are hit it will restart, it is important to note that this being greater our blows will cause more damage and if it is by combo, weapons and armor pieces the same thing happens.
  • The divine abilities and powers: access to this is by using Charon coins to unlock them, we can win these by completing the different challenges that are presented to us in the game, both the weapons with the pieces of armor can grant us some bonuses By using some of the skills, these specifically focus on resistance, taking into account that a significant amount is consumed so it is required to have enough of it, achieving advantages in terms of the damage caused to the enemies in some situations.
  • Damage production: there is an option in Immortals Fenyx Rising that allows us to make improvements to our weapons, to cause a greater amount of damage, this is possible in the hall of the gods, when facing enemies we can do tests with weapons e different armor to see how our performance with these is in the different situations that may arise in combat.


Knowing how to attack allows us to have better performance and fun in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

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