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2020-12-01 07:16:37

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We welcome you to our PES 2021 guide where we will talk to you about How to fix error 0xc000007b.

What to know about PES 2021?

This is the recent delivery of another of the important soccer games, this one had its launch in September, at first everything was going well until they are currently presenting connectivity problems, generating a series of consequences such as inability to connect with the server, connection error and a Windows error code, now the purpose of this guide is to guide us as to how to solve the error 0xc000007b, so we must closely follow the following content.

How to fix error 0xc000007b in PES 2021?

This error occurs when executing the game, having the message on the screen indicating it, having to click OK to close it, this error can occur with any application, having its origin in the lack, overwriting or the Corruption of the DLL files, then looking for How to solve the error 0xc000007b it is necessary to go through the installation folder of PES 2021 and perform the reinstallation of the most recent Microsoft Visual C Redistributable, however there are times when this does not solve the problem if The appropriate configuration is not found, so that from the Microsoft website it made the respective download of Visual C from 2015 to 2019.
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Now if we do not find the resolution How to solve the error 0xc000007b, we will need to download a file from a third party and extract it with the intention of the DLLs and paste them where the PES 2021 executable is located, for this we will click the right mouse button on direct access that is located on the desktop, to april the location of the file we paste the files that were extracted from the download, the SFC command or the reinstallation of DirecTX can also help to correct this error.

There are some reports from the players that speak of the error code C_GKCC_002 which does not allow the connection with the server, this can occur when presenting an overload, a failure or something else, certainly there is no solution that we can apply if it comes from the server, but there is an option that gives us access to the game, this indicated by other players, which is due to using the server of another region, which leads us to have a VPN service then to avoid it, while this failure is solved we can to use the VPN, also when these kinds of errors occur, we must consider checking our internet connection and we can do the following:

  • The system must be rebooted
  • Both the router and the system turn on and we restart the game
  • To play the game we can try with another internet connection or from a mobile access
  • We reset the network configuration
  • Last use the VPN

Saber How to solve the error 0xc000007b is excellent, because we will be able to return again to the action that the world of PES 2021 offers us.