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Angel Marquez
2021-01-20 16:22:18

More about: Hitman 3

Hitman 3 has turned out to be a very busy game, this time we need to know where to find all the undiscovered areas in Berlin, Germany.

What to know about the undiscovered areas in Berlin, Germany in Hitman 3?

  These are 22 areas that we must discover, being won by this the trophy of following the roads, it is opportune to have the support as to where to find all the undiscovered areas in Berlin, Germany so let's pay attention to the following.

Where to find all undiscovered areas in Berlin, Germany at Hitman 3?

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For level -2

  •  The DJ Booth: found in front of the dance floor
  • Hirschmuller's office: on the ground floor is located in the upper area
  • The Boiler Room - Located to the right of the dance floor
  • The dance floor: this one in the main center section
  • The basement bar: on this floor it is located in the lower left section

 For level -1

  •  The projection bar: we located it in the lower left part of this floor
  • The tube room: on this floor it is located on the left side

 For level 0

  •  The entrance of the club: in the back where the gorillas are
  • The Holle club: where the queue takes place outside the club
  • The water channels: these are located to the right of the area, outside the main enclosure
  • Wadrobe: it's beyond the entrance
  • The red toilet: we located it in the upper left part of the club
  • Chill Out: inside the club is on the outside area
  • The Drug Packing - Found in a Narrow Room of the Motorcycle Club
  • The rear entrance: on the left side of the building this leads us to the section where motorcyclists gather
  • The motorcycle hangout: in the motorcycle club, in the lower area
  • Juice Bar: from Chill Out we have the visual of this location at the back of the bar
  • The garage: in the motorcycle club on the right-hand side

  For level 1

  •  The growth house: this is in the middle of the floor of the small farm

 For level 2

  •  The Sniper Nest - In the lower right section of the club you will find

 For level 3

  •  The flyover: between the two clubs is the connection

 For level 4

  •  The radio tower: a key or iron bar must be used to open the door

 In conclusion, knowing where to find all the undiscovered areas in Berlin, Germany is great because we can go further in this interesting and fast-paced Hitman3.

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