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Angel Marquez
2021-01-20 14:56:57

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In the universe of Hitman 3 we have many tasks, one of them is Where to find all the undiscovered areas in Chongqing, China and here we explain it to you.

What to know about the undiscovered areas in Chongqing, China from Hitman 3?

It is a total of 29 undiscovered areas that belong to this map, thereby achieving to win the trophy of the surveillance master, now to have an idea of Where to find all the undiscovered areas in Chongqing, China in the following content will be the details .
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Where to find all undiscovered areas in Chongqing, China in Hitman 3?


 For level -3

  •  The data core: once we finish with the 2 objectives that are mandatory, this will be our main objective
  • The core control room: we found it north of the core


For level -2

  •  Royce's office: we have it in the upper left
  • The break room: on the left
  • The service tunnels: through the vents we must access once eliminated by the scan
  • Analysis area: north
  • Level 2 security: a proper disguise is required for this lower right section, in order to obtain a level 3 Dongle, there are explosives on the right side where an armory is.


For level -1

  •  Level 1 security: located on the left side of the area
  • The ACI entrance checkpoint: going down the hall stairs
  • The resting pods - it's in the lower right corner
  • The ICA Employee Investigation: Top Right


For level 0

  •  Arcade: next to the main street accessed from street level
  • Yuzhong Square: in the center of this level


For level 1

  •  The ok Karaoke: next to the laundry to the north
  • The laundry: both from the main entrance and the back where there are stairs, it is possible to access in the north section
  • The restaurant: from level 0 of the street we can enter
  • Zhao's Apartment - The entrance is on the street level 0, in the apartment building
  • The Oneelectrics store: located higher than other stores
  • The inner courtyard: a costume is required to enter, managing to go through the corridors, bridges further south and down the courtyard on the south side


For level 2

  •  The recruiting station: we find it in the upper right building, having access from the street level
  • The ICA apartment: code 0118 or explosives are required to enter


For level 3

  •  The abandoned apartments: they are located in the building, on the middle floor


For level 4

  •  The northeast roof - this area is accessible from the apartment floors below or the adjacent complex
  • The reference laboratory: this is located on the penultimate floor, from a floor below, it is possible to access upstairs, even from the roof


For level 5

  •  The therapy room: on the floor of the complex is the upper left room
  • The glorious jump sign: on the map we have it in the upper left corner
  • The lotus passage: it is connected between the roof of the south and the north
  • Hush's private lab: we found him in the middle of the floor
  • The southeastern rooftop: through the lower floors or the lotus passage we have access to this


Finally, now we know Where to find all the undiscovered areas in Chongqing, China we will be able to move on in Hitman 3.

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