Angel Marquez
2020-08-03 10:11:47

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Carrión is a very busy game, which is why it leads us to discover how to get past lasers.

What to know about lasers in Carrión?

On our way we are going to encounter many obstacles, one of them can be lasers, so that we contact the update system that we have in the game, which allows us to have skills that allow us to go through these obstacles, lasers will be One of them, now taking into account that we depend on the skills for progress, it is necessary that we separate How to get past lasers and precise details we will see below.
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How to get past lasers in Carrión?

It is necessary that lasers cannot see us, for them they depend on the ability of camouflage, which can make us completely invisible, this ability will be the second one that we will be able to unlock in the game, which is why when they are invisible they cannot see us and thus we will pass without problems, taking into account an important detail, the size of the creature will be a key factor, since if it is very large the camouflage will not be able to work and if this is not enough we must also be attentive to the means of energy, because when we are exhausted we will be visible and we need to recharge to continue.

This is all there is to know about How to get past lasers, with what is indicated in this content we will be able to continue progressing in Carrión, a fairly busy game.