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2020-08-03 10:08:42

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Find out How to use Bonuses in this excellent and explanatory Fairy Tail guide.

What to know about Bonds at Fairy Tail?

In order for our characters to become stronger and to perform better when it comes to combat, which depends mainly on bonuses, even success in magic will influence in some way, the moment we unlock bonuses , it is possible to notice them in the status menu on the screen of the equipment, to access them we will have to make the choice of our character and enter this option, which indicates the relevant aspects that are related to this system, now If we want to understand how to use the Bonuses, we should only pay due attention to the following content.
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    How to use Bonuses in Fairy Tail?

    Each of the characters has 3 levels of bonuses, where the first is in charge of increasing the rate of the magina chain, the second lowers the amount of MP that we are going to use at the time of the magic chains and the third allows a Failed magic chain the recovery, it is important that the musical icons find the moment of the explorations around the world, since this is a sign of some bonus event, to increase the level of the vinyl we have to with the character that we are controlling at that moment make an interaction with the character that is under the musical note, resulting in an image note being presented above the character with another character, which means having to make a change between them, for this we use the L2 / R2, with the purpose of having the right character and thus interact again to increase the correct bond.

    In conclusion, knowing how to use Bonuses is excellent because we can advance further in this interesting and lively game like Fairy Tail.

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