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2020-08-03 09:36:08

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This time we return with a BitLife guide aiming to explain how to pose nude.

What to know about posing nude in BitLife?

Fame will be the key to this fact, being famous it is possible that this kind of offer will come to us, with a pay that we can say is very decent but to achieve it, we will depend on a lot of luck and other factors, social media develops a role of utmost importance, so that we have 5 platforms on which we can advertise, only so that our character must be at least 14 years old, now to understand how to pose naked, let's follow the content that he sells below.
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    How to pose nude in BitLife?

    Once we have some fame we will see how we can get to all kinds of offers, such as commercials, but later on it will be possible for us to get proposals from a specific magazine so that we have nudes, taking into account that it is something very random to accept many opportunities for commercials and product promotion until luck brings us to this offer with greater possibilities for the previous acceptances.

    This is the end of our guide on How to pose naked hoping that you can get the most out of BitLife, a very busy game.

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