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This time we return with a guide with the purpose of explaining to you Where To Find A Red Anthill in Grounded in a precise way.

What to know about Grounded?

It is an adventure and survival game in which the main character is reduced to the size of an ant and must fight to survive in his own backyard. The backyard transforms into a large, easy-to-explore world where players can find various bugs and insects such as ants, bees, spiders, ticks and more. Fire ants are one of the first creatures that players can encounter. They are neutral creatures that wander aimlessly in search of food and smaller creatures to feed on. Interestingly, red worker ants are the main source of red ant eggs, which are used to make explosives like Bratburst. To know Where To Find A Red Anthill in Grounded, keep this guide and its following content in mind.

Where To Find A Red Anthill in Grounded?

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Anthills are essentially caves that house a specific ant colony and contain unique resources like marble and quartz. Red Ant Hill is the unique home of red worker ants and contains their precious red ant eggs. We will find Red Anthill in the northwest of the field, near the border of Central Meadows and Mist. This is currently the third largest anthill in the game and the only place where fire ant eggs can be found. There are several rooms in this cave, such as the main room, the egg room and the treasure room, the latter is located deep in Red Anthill and contains BURG.L shavings, mint stones and strong quartz stones. Additionally, the following items can be found in Red Anthill:

  • Rotten Bee Armor (Mask, Leg Armor, Shoulder Pads)
  • A fragile piece of quartz
  • Examine a piece of quartz.
  • A piece of brittle marble
  • mint pieces
  • stone
  • Silt
  • mushroom growth

Unfortunately, we won't be able to enter Red Ant Hill or explore its many rooms without wearing the full Red Ant Armor.

How to make red ant armor.

It is made from red ant parts. It includes three different parts: the Red Ant helmet, the Red Ant shoulder pads and the Red Ant knee pads, we will unlock the recipe for these parts when we thoroughly research the red ant parts and reach level 2 brain power. The recipe for each part is as follows:

  • Red ant helmet: requires 1 red ant head, 3 red ant parts, 5 fluffs and is made at the workbench.
  • Red Ant Shoulder Pads: Requires 5 Red Ant Parts, 2 Acid Glands, 2 Mushrooms and is made at the workbench.
  • Red Ant Knee Pads: Requires 6 Red Ant Parts, 2 Live Wires, 4 Lints and is made at the workbench

This is how we finish our guide, now you know Where To Find A Red Anthill in Grounded, apply the instructions and continue with your progress and fun in this interesting game.

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