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2020-10-28 08:08:43

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With our Ghostrunner guide you will learn more about How to beat architect.

What to know about the architect in Ghostrunner?

We are at the Monster level, where it is necessary to go through the architect, reach the location of this resulting to be more complex than its confrontation, we will go through the most complicated platforms that we can find in the game, this is where the maximum to the different mechanics and elements that the increase in difficulty offers us as we progress, now if we want to know how to beat the architect, let's see what the following content offers us.

How to beat architect in Ghostrunner?

We will go through a couple of platforms that are in motion, in the case of the first one we will jump and then we run towards the wall that is on the right to reach the second one, we will reach another segment of more platforms once we pass through The orange booster, taking into account that it is treated vertically in Ghostrunner, it is necessary that in this part the jumps that we are going to give are very precisely, if we fail we fall off the wall, it is ideal that we have the loading skills 3 equipped to make it easier for us, counting on the unlimited loads of Dash we are going to go from wall to wall with the right impulse, looking for How to beat the architect we have the next obstacle is in the same way more mobile platforms, only that we find the obstacles of the orbs, they come in our direction and are capable of causing us death just by touching them, the extra charging system is necessary if we want to go from to Here, so we must have it equipped, at the end of these platforms we find a pair of orange impellers on each side, with getting on these we will arrive at another section, being this very similar to the previous part of this level, what we will do is jump on the orange boosters and to the wall until we find a grappling hook, this will help us jump to the next impulse, being ideal to arrive with time.
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The next thing that we find in terms of How to beat architect, are alternate walls with red orbs, here the jumps to be made must be done at the right time and with patience, our beginning must be on the right side and then we jump in the direction of the final elevator, considering that our loads will be unlimited in this section, we will come to find more orbs in the following, but it should be noted that they are larger, even the screen will be covered by these, the extra loads will be of importance before this situation, Once we move on we reach other walls, what we will do is have the right impulse to avoid falling, we are still presented with more red orbs, only they will be with greater speed and there are also some platforms that are involved, our steps to follow here is running for the walls, since the Dash will not help this time, the slow game is necessary this time, so that later we will be able to beat the arch uitect at Ghostrunner.

 In this way we finished our Ghostrunner guide, now you know how to beat architect, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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