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2020-10-28 07:51:23

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Knowing how to get a ghost event has come in handy this Halloween season at Phasmophobia.

Why get a ghost event in Phasmophobia?

As we progress, we are offered the possibility of exploring the map of this game a little more, although it is true already it is something quite scary these days it can be even more complex, especially since the ghosts are interested in submitting us to tests more continuous and spooky, which will allow us among many things to have the possibility of witnessing an interesting event.

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How to get a ghost event in Phasmnophobia?

This is a task that makes us have to have a Ouija board since this is necessary to interact with a ghost, then it is necessary to focus on asking the ghost a question, so that it can answer us, only that its signal is simply moving Some metallic piece, the important thing is to consider that the ghosts will always respond, which is positive, the details to ensure that they can be in a good way, since for each failure that we have, we will simply leave this place with less sanity.

If our first option described here is not yours, you can access another possibility to achieve this objective and that is to be a witness of the event to observe a ghost, only that the ideal thing is to wait for a hunt to happen, since This allows us to have the possibility of taking a photo and is also generating some additional money that will not hurt us.

 This is all you need to know about how to get a ghost event, as it is actually an interesting and creepy task that we are allowed to do these days in Phasmophobia.

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