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2020-10-28 07:58:53

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Knowing how to beat Hel is simply a necessary task, as it puts us one step ahead in Ghostrunner

Who is Hell in Ghostrunner?

  This is simply a head of hell that we face and it is necessary to defeat him, there is no reason to set him free, the only thing that if we can affirm that he may not necessarily die like the others we face, so it is necessary to consider knowing How to beat Hel based on the possibility of choosing to stay alert and do some jumps, grabs and even slides where the enemies will be the only ones who suffer the consequences and we are just beginning.
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How to beat Hel in Ghostrunner?

This can be a somewhat complex task because when we observe it normally we are not used to it and everything seems to be difficult, in fact it seems that defeating it would be too great for us, especially because every time we approach it in order to hit it, it usually move from the platform in such a way that it is necessary to find some way to attack him without him being able to flee.

Hell is an enemy that usually evades our blows but when we manage to hit it, it receives an amount of damage, because every time we launch a blow it is necessary to press the attack button being precisely focused in such a way that it is necessary to get its back to blink a little , the idea is to continue until you see that the blue health bar manages to go down and thus show us that your health has been considerably reduced.

To defeat it it is necessary to consider the possibility of delivering at least 4 extremely powerful attacks, but somehow it is vital to be careful and this is because when it is threatened it will try to launch an attack with projectiles which leads us to be attentive to every minimum movement and thus find some way to avoid them, for which it is possible to make use of an aerial movement that can be executed in slow motion.

This boss brings with him a sword that we can use to open his head in two once we have defeated him, because she has some amount of data that is necessary and it is our duty to take them, in such a way that when we defeat him, his sword will roll through the air and we will proceed to take it to execute it, because at this point it is necessary to be skillful enough and have the possibility of embarking on complex struggles where being patient is undoubtedly a crucial element.

 Now that you know how to beat Hel it is time to try it and understand that even though it may be a complex fight it is simply necessary that we must do in Ghostrunner.

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