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2024-05-19 20:46:26

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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to Fix Ghost of Tsushima No Audio.

Since its launch, Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut has continued to present a long series of errors that end up interrupting the fun of the game for players and unfortunately, it will take a while before they are resolved.

One of these errors is the lack of audio. Many players often experience this when playing and realize that they cannot hear anything the characters are trying to say, something really annoying!

If you want to know how to fix this audio error, keep reading and join us.

How to Fix Ghost of Tsushima No Audio

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General Troubleshooting Steps:

  • 1. Update Audio Drivers: Ensure you have the latest audio drivers installed for your system. Consult your motherboard or sound card manufacturer's website for download and installation instructions.
  • 2. Verify Audio Output: Confirm that the correct audio output device (headphones, speakers) is selected in your system's sound settings. Disable any unused audio devices to avoid conflicts.
  • 3. Inspect GPU Audio Drivers: If you recently updated your graphics card drivers, verify that the HDMI audio drivers are still installed and functioning correctly. Reinstall them if necessary.
  • 4. Test Alternative Audio Outputs: Try switching the audio output to different devices (headphones, sound system) to isolate the issue. 
  • 5. Graphics Card and Soundbar: In some cases, your graphics card might misidentify your soundbar as a display device. Navigate to your GPU's display settings and select "Duplicate Display" if applicable. This will move the soundbar to the audio device section. Choose and enable your soundbar from the system's sound settings.
  • 6. System Restart: A simple system restart can often resolve temporary glitches. Try restarting your computer or PlayStation to see if the audio issue persists.

Platform-Specific Fixes:

  • PlayStation 5: For PS5 users experiencing missing dialog audio, there's a reported fix involving audio output settings. Go to your PS5 settings, navigate to "Sound," and change the audio output from "TV" to "AV Amplifier." Under the "Number of Channels" option, select "2ch." This might resolve the issue on PS5.

If none of these solutions restore your audio, consider searching for platform-specific troubleshooting resources or contacting the game's support for further assistance.

This is everything you need to know about How to Fix Ghost of Tsushima No Audio, we hope that this guide will help you and you can resolve this annoying error that prevents you from enjoying the incredible experiences that Ghost of Tsushima has.

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