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We invite you to discover How to Climb the Yahata Lighthouse in Ghost of Tsushima?, a new task.

The Yahata Lighthouse can be located at the northernmost point of Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima, directly north of Fort Sakai. Players do not need to complete Iki's main story to reach this location and will be able to light a fire at the top of the lighthouse as soon as they arrive, to help us with the following directions.

How to Climb the Yahata Lighthouse in Ghost of Tsushima?

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The main entrance is blocked and boarded up with wooden boards. To reach the top, players will need to scale the walls of the lighthouse. To do this, turn left using the path marked with the broken stairs and look for handholds marked with white paint. Jump facing the handhold; Jin will automatically grab onto it and start climbing. Move to the left and continue climbing until you reach a point where the path stops. Press the jump key and hold the interaction button to launch the iron hook and hook it to the grapple point at the top. Climb the rope and you will find yourself in the upper chamber. Interact with the fire to light the brazier and complete the objective. You will receive a minor legend boost as a reward.

If you have already reached Legacy Redeemer rank on Iki Island, completing points of interest on the map will not result in any additional increase in Legend. To go back down, players can use the same path they took to get to the top or use the ladder. On the first landing, press the interact button near the edge of the broken floor to grab yourself down. There is an Iki Log on the mat in the center of the room, along with some supplies, bedding, and a chest. Use the iron hook on the boarded up door and Jin will be able to release a plank, opening a path outside. A grab point on the edge of the lighthouse canopy allows you to climb to the top of the lighthouse. However, there are no elements of interest up there.

In conclusion, knowing how to climb the Yahata Lighthouse is easier than you thought, you just have to follow the instructions to achieve it and continue with our fun and progress through Ghost of Tsushima.

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