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Lidia Rozo
2021-08-24 17:22:58

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Discord has several bugs and this makes it necessary to tell you How to fix error 1105 CloudFlare.

This is another problem with which we get on this platform and that is related to the issue of CloudFlare network services, in this sense, it is necessary to know how to repair the error 1105 CloudFlare and to give you all the details of interest and that can get out of this problem.

How to fix CloudFlare error 1105 in Discord?

There are different actions that we can well implement and these are:

Choosing to restart the router:
This is a solution that has worked for many.

Close Discord and restart the system: this is another action that we can execute that has the purpose of refreshing the system and when starting it does not show us errors.
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Check the status of the server: this is another applicable solution for which it is necessary to locate "Status.docrod.com", there it tells us if there is any problem related to maintenance or repair.

Change the network: it is possible to embark on this action, which could well be favorable, by choosing to use VPN.

Check the status of CloudFlare:
This is a common action on CludFlare.com.

It is possible to choose to delete the data in Discord and for this we must:

  • We must hold down the Windows R button to open the command prompt window.
  • Next, in the search bars, we proceed to write "percentAppData by cientodiscord" and press Enter.
  • We proceed to open the "cache" folder, where it is usually necessary to delete all the files.
  • Next, we locate the Discord folder to locate "Local storage" and open it to delete the files it may contain.

In this sense, knowing how to repair error 1105 CloudFlare allows us to get rid of a problem that usually disturbs us in Discord.

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