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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to Find Crimson Dye Merchant in Ghost of Tsushima.

Without a doubt, Ghost of Tsushima never ceases to surprise various players due to all the surprise elements it presents once you start your adventure.

If you are a veteran of these games, you will know that there are different merchants who can dye your armor white or black in order to give it a bit of creative personality.

However, these are not the only ones you can find, since there is another ink merchant that we are sure will amaze you with his creations and that you will be able to find in the Iki Island expansion. If you want to know exactly how to find it, read on and find out.

How to Find Crimson Dye Merchant in Ghost of Tsushima

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For players seeking to expand their customization options in Ghost of Tsushima, the Crimson Dye Merchant on Iki Island offers a unique selection of cosmetic items. However, accessing this vendor requires specific prerequisites and completing a challenge.


  • Possession of the Iki Island DLC or Director's Cut is mandatory.
  • Progress through Chapter 2 of the main storyline is necessary.

Unlocking the Merchant:

  • 1. Iki Island Access: If you haven't already, venture to Iki Island, available upon acquiring the aforementioned DLC or Director's Cut.
  • 2. Main Story Progress: Ensure you've completed "The Blessing of Death" main tale within the Iki Island narrative.
  • 3. Hidden Cove Tournament: Upon fulfilling the story requirement, a new activity, the Hidden Cove Tournament, will become available in Fune's Refuge. Participate in this tournament.
  • 4. Tournament Victory: Emerging victorious from the Hidden Cove Tournament is essential. As a reward, you'll receive the "The Hidden Heart" sword kit, and the Crimson Dye Merchant's location will be marked on your in-game map.

Crimson Dye Merchant's Location:

Consult your map for the newly revealed location. It's situated northwest of Tatsu's Ladder and south of Mount Takenotsuji on Iki Island. Alternatively, the merchant's shop can be found southeast of Fort Sakai for additional reference.

Merchant's Wares:

This vendor specializes in a variety of cosmetic enhancements for your character:

  • Hats
  • Masks
  • Sword Kits
  • Armor Dyes

These items allow you to personalize your samurai's appearance without impacting gameplay mechanics.

Payment Method:

The Crimson Dye Merchant accepts collected flowers as currency for their wares. Gather these flowers throughout your exploration of Iki Island to acquire the desired cosmetic items.

This is everything you need to know about How to Find Crimson Dye Merchant in Ghost of Tsushima, following this guide it will surely be easier for you to get this valuable merchant who will help you customize your armor and give it his creative touch, all this while you enjoy the incredible experiences that Ghost of Tsushima has for you.

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