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2024-06-21 08:02:29

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With our help you will see that knowing How to Find All Hot Springs in Ghost of Tsushima is easier than you thought.

Soulmask is an indie survival game where players must manage bases and explore. Additionally, it offers players a wide range of play styles through the various skins they choose at the beginning. The game map is extensive and has five separate areas. The size makes it difficult for players to explore everything without leaving their base. It may be difficult to find dark materials in an environment like this. One of those resources is ice. It is difficult to obtain if players do not know where to look for it. But we can guide ourselves with the following content.

How to Find All Hot Springs in Ghost of Tsushima

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Sometimes resources are difficult to find because they are camouflaged by the environment, as in the case of aloe leaves. However, sometimes it's just looking in the right place. Players must travel to the frozen mountains of the northwest, one of the farthest areas of the map, to obtain ice. Before beginning their journey, players will need to activate a portal near their base to activate the portal in the mountains, making it easier for them to return home. Otherwise, the trip will be too long for most people to bother doing it just for a resource. Travel time is significantly reduced once the portal is activated.

Players can collect ice from all bodies of water in this area. Additionally, ice nodes may be scattered across the land. Players only need to use a pickaxe to obtain this ice. The higher the quality of the spike, the more ice can be extracted from each node. It can be quite a task to travel to the location. However, a mount will be very useful. If players want to collect a lot of ice at once, they should go to the area on a llama with the appropriate mounts. This way, you'll only have to search the mountains for ice once to get some great loot that will last a long time.

Instructions for using ice in Soulmask

Ice is mainly used in the game to prevent food from spoiling. They will have to build an ice cream box, a medieval version of a refrigerator. However, you can only use Consciousness Strength 40 to open it. Players must put ice as "fuel" and store their food in the ice box for it to work. Fresh meat can stay fresh for a long time without turning into carrion in this way.

This is all that is required in terms of finding all the hot springs, we just apply the instructions to achieve it and continue progressing in this interesting and fast-paced game.

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