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This time we return with an explanatory guide with the purpose of explaining How to Sheathe Your Sword in Ghost of Tsushima.

What to know about the sword in Ghost of Tsushima?

This game has many interesting game mechanics, including the ability to hide swords after battle. This is the expression on the face of a calm and serene samurai while he sheathes his sword. To know how to do it, this guide presents the following content, let's see.

How to Sheathe Your Sword in Ghost of Tsushima?

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If you're playing with a DualSense controller, you can sheathe your sword by swiping right on the touchpad. However, if you're using an Xbox controller, simply hold down the D-Pad and the right analog stick. Finally, on the keyboard and mouse, you just need to press the 5 key on the keyboard to sheathe the sword. It is worth adding that using the touch panel of the DualSense controller you can perform various operations, for example playing the flute, by sliding your finger to the left. But you can only sheathe your sword if you move it to the right and not in any other direction. Also remember that you will not be able to perform other activities while sheathing your sword.

In most cases, sheathing your sword is just a matter of aesthetics. It doesn't hurt if you forget to sheathe your sword after a fight, but it's fun to see it happen after a tough fight. This forces Jin to maintain his character and act like a tough guy. You can also take interesting photos with the sword in the sheath. You can also get skins for your holster if you progress further into the game. You can get them by completing Mythic Tales, collecting them in Pillars of Honor, or purchasing them from merchants in exchange for flowers.

So we come to the end of this explanatory guide, now that you can sheathe your sword, just do it and enjoy this incredible mechanic that is presented in this game as fast-paced as Ghost of Tsushima.

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