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Marvel's Avengers: How To Get The Gold Chest

2020-08-13 10:14:46

Today we bring you a Marvel's Avengers guide where we will explain how to get the golden chest.

What to know about the golden chest in Marvel's Avengers?

Through different missions we will have access to the golden chests, being these a total of 3 for the same number of missions, we are certainly in the beta of Marvel's Avengers, which leads us to consider the fact of understanding how to obtain the chest gold that are in each of the missions that we will talk about later in this guide, before we bear in mind that these chests are not so visible, in case we have lost the opportunity to have them because we completed the beta version, we can still play it again and more if we get to know right now how to get the golden chest, let's move on to the next content.

How to get the golden chest in Marvel's Avengers?

First chest: in the mission to tame a titan we find that it will be the location of our first chest to get in Marvel's Avengers, precisely this is located in the AIM facilities, we have that the exit on the left will block our return due to the closing the doors if we cross through here, so our course to follow must be to the right, reaching an enemy encounter, in which their attacks are based on lightning, it is necessary that we avoid being hit because it will complicate us Everything for the solution to How to obtain the golden chest, to avoid it we must focus on the red circle that means an attack of this type.

If we want to solve How to obtain the golden chest in this mission, it is necessary that we eliminate these enemies, once we do so we will go to our left, a room in which we will find a machine to attack, thus presenting a puzzle, to support us We will use tactical awareness and thus we will see the machines reflected from the ground leaving, the one machine of being like this we have to hit it 3 times, we will go through a corridor that will take us to another room on the right, getting another machine that we must make it blue, similar to what we have to do when returning to the center room, we will get the last machine once we go to the right and accessing another room, the instant the final machine lights up in blue, it will turn out that the center machine It will turn red, the next thing to do is hit it in this place on the glass and thus our first chest will fall, the one that we contribute by opening it with resources of great value in Marvel's Avengers.

Second chest: in the AIM building we will find this chest, for this it is necessary that we progress Marvel's Avengers until the exit of the elevator and we find a yellow door that forms a hexagon, which we will notice some lights here and next to it will be a fan The one we must shoot at, in the back of this there is a light, when we shoot it it will change to blue, taking into account that we will do the same for four this will be the first, to the right of our objective is the next fan, On the ceiling there is another one and the last one is in the room on the balcony, in this way we agree to know how to obtain the golden chest of this mission, the second being the same.

Third chest: in order to understand how to obtain the golden chest of the secret mission, it is necessary that we take into account the different points to follow this time, what we will do when crossing the AIM door is to go through the waypoints that are located at a distance between 200 to 300 meters to our left, taking into account that through one of them we will be able to access the last chest in Marvel's Avengers on our way we have to fight against the sintoids and more enemies, it is necessary to find 2 machines to Change color, specifically blue, on the left 2 more machines will be presented for a total of 4 to change them to blue, after we manage to do it we will get to enter the door that will give us the last chest and we will have the important resources.

Finally, now that we know how to get the golden chest it is possible to go ahead in Marvel's Avengers

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Release date:
September 4, 2020
Single-player, Multiplayer
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