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Angel Marquez
2020-08-13 16:59:01

With our UFC 4 guide you will learn more about How to do a clinch.

What to know about a clinch in UFC 4?

It is a movement in which it places us next to the opponent, in this way it is possible to hit if we are doing the hug, since our opponent will be vulnerable, even to gain an advantage it can help us, this hug fight comes to have very effective, so it is necessary that we know how to do a clinch and the content of this guide will help us in this regard.

How to do a clinch UFC 4?

It is important that we have a judgment of what we are doing before doing a clinch, this with respect to the fact that if we are very close to a fighter this can make us vulnerable to blows, therefore we have to know the right moment to execute this movement, this is ideal when our opponent misses a blow or if we stun him with them, being vulnerable to clinch, for this it will be enough to press the RB X on the Xbox or R1 square on the PS4, considering that the The combination of these buttons causes us to make a hook, being necessary for us to clinch instead of the hook that we get close enough to the opponent, to be aware that we are going to move the left analog to the left or right, depending on the location of our opponent.

We hope that the information detailed here on How to do a clinch has been useful to have fun at UFC 4.

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