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Tasks are not managed in Genshin Impact and therefore we are going to explain where to find Ulman

What to know about Ulman in Genshin Impact?

The first thing we should think about is that this NPC appears in an event that has not started yet, but in the same way we must be prepared, what we do know until now is that he will offer us the opportunity to buy him some things as long as Let's get him some iron coins, of course it is not the only thing that will be available at this event, we can also get gadgets that may be necessary as well as items.

Where to find Ulman in Genshin Impact?

Before delving a little deeper into the search, we must understand that the event to get Ulman will start this January 8 at 10 am server time, lasting until January 18 at 4 am, however, the store of the Event will have a few additional days running from the same start date of the event and runs until January 22 at 4 am, which allows us to have enough time to spend coins, this event that is about to start indicates that Ulman is near the Stone Gate area in Liyue and starting this search makes us have to locate ourselves with an adventure rank that may be at least 20 or higher, in addition to having completed the prologue.
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    During this event we are given the possibility of finding some treasures, we have the "Seelie treasure hunter" is phenomenal because it allows us to get a good amount of iron coins which must be unearthed as soon as we manage to locate them, but this does not end There because there are some clues to find some rewards, some gadget with the event such as the Mini Seelie pink or turmeric to mention one, or simply primo gems, the truth is that as the event has not started yet, there is a lot of information to detail, but we can only do that as even this guide and the event unfolds.

    This is all you need to know about where to find Ulman, you just have to wait for the big day and participate in this event that promises in Genshin Impact, try it.

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