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Angel Marquez
2021-01-08 15:32:37

More about: Nvidia

We return with a Nvidia guide with the objective of explaining how to fix Graphics Card Not Showing in Device Manager.

What to know about Nvidia?

When we talk about the gaming market, this GPU line appears, which for its correct operation requires the installation of some drivers for Windows, however, as many things can bring with it a series of failures, one of them becomes in relation to the drivers when installed, certainly the ideal is to rely on the device manager, only that the device does not appear in display adapters, which prevents the drivers from being installed, for this to change we must follow some tips on how to fix Graphics Card Not Showing in Device Manager and in the following text will be the details, let's see.

How to fix graphics card not showing in Device Manager in Nvidia?

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Driver update: the installation of the drivers is a priority if we want to solve How to fix Graphics Card Not Showing in Device Manager, only that we must follow the instructions below:

  •  Go to the manufacturer's page and look for what is installed in our operating system
  • All drivers must be downloaded for the device, not including the Nvidia GPU driver
  • When the installation of other driver software is completed, we restart and see without the GPU is displayed in the device manager
  • From the GPU manufacturer's website it is possible to install the driver
  • The problem may be solved, but if not, you have to continue with other options.


 Checking in Device Manager: Without installing the proper drivers it is not possible to solve How to fix Graphics Card Not Showing in Device Manager, but the Nvidia GPU may appear in the list of other devices or in the PCI-E, which we will check with the steps below:

  •  By pressing the right button of the mouse at the start we go to device manager
  • Now we can see and show the hidden devices
  • These should be displayed showing an exclamation icon, which represents a problem with this device
  • With the right button of the mouse we will give to update drivers
  • We choose to be searched automatically
  • If it is available, Windows will take care of installing it.


 The Windows Update: with the content that we can find through Windows Update we have the option to download and install the latest device drivers, thanks to the fact that they are verified, these can be compatible with the version we use and achieve answer How to fix graphics card not showing in Device Manager in Nvidia, we just need to do the following:

  •  Go to settings and enter updates and security
  • Go into looking for Windows updates insisting if it appears that we are updated
  • The search will be executed and the updated driver will be downloaded
  • Once it is complete, you have to restart and check that the device then appears in the administrator, otherwise we still have options to try.


 The Nvidia GPU check: it is important that the GPU is well-connected, this in the PCI E slot, one of the possible options regarding fix Graphics Card Not Showing in Device Manager for this check, so we have to do the following:

  •  With the PC turned off, disconnect the power cable
  • We open the CPU and verify that the GPU is well connected, considering at the same time that it comes to depend on an additional power source that should also be checked
  • We close the CPU and turn it on
  • We do the check in the device manager.


 Reinstalling the windows and installing the drivers: in case the previous attempts as to How to fix Graphics Card Not Showing in Device Manager has not worked, we come to this possibility, where we will reinstall Windows, then we will make a backup copy and start searching for a new start, and we have to do the following:

  •  In operating system check if GPU is displayed in Device Manager without installing software
  • If it appears, we will install the downloaded GPU drivers and then the others
  • In case it does not appear in the device manager you have to look for updates in the Windows update before installing something, which you can check and install the necessary


 If none of these solutions work, it means that the GPU is faulty, the board or even the PCI E slot.

 In this way we come to the end of this Nvidia guide, now you are aware of How to Graphics Card Not Showing in Device Manager, work and enjoy it to the fullest.

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