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Lidia Rozo
2021-02-12 14:53:26

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Genshin Impact has managed to keep us constantly busy and that is why today we will tell you where to find plaustrite shards

What are plaustrite shards in Genshin Impact?

It is good to keep in mind that this game offers us the opportunity to get many things and precisely the plaustrite shards are one of them, since these are important resources that we can use in the manufacture of Xiao lanterns, for our good fortune here is given the opportunity to cultivate minerals and from there obtain other necessary implements to continue the adventure.

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Where to find plaustrite fragments in Genshin Impact?

 There are 5 particular places where we can get it and these are:


  •  Stone Forest of Guyun: here we get some amount of deposits of this resource, because in the great rock there are between 6 to 7 deposits, however, going to the chain of islands and turning left allows us to locate between 7 and 8, since this location is found when we enter the domain and head west.
  • Mount Tanheng: we must get the amount of 12 to 15 fragments which makes us review the entire valley that is located south of Mount Tianheng.
  • Wuwang Hill: this place can contain some amount of minerals and specifically plaustrite shards to get here it is necessary to cross the cliffs as soon as we manage to mobilize south of the combat of the chief of the oceans.
  • Mount Hula: It is necessary to take care to take a look at the caverns along the cliff that we observe on the right side because there are fragments here, because this deposit of resources makes us descend from the deposits of Cor Lapiz and go down to the caverns in the Mount Hula.
  • Mingyun Village: It is only necessary to locate ourselves in this place and proceed to take a look in the small caves of this village.

 In general terms, knowing where to find plaustrite shards does not imply a complex task and therefore doing this search in Genshin Impact represents an interesting task.

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