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Lidia Rozo
2021-02-12 14:30:05

More about: Little Nightmares II

Riddles are a fundamental part of Little Nightmares II, and therefore it is necessary to tell you how to solve the hospital fuse puzzle.

What does Little Nightmares II bring us?

This new installment is loaded with more terror, more danger, more exploration, more creatures, but above all riddles which makes it necessary to know how to solve the hospital fuse puzzle, this is simply enough that it is a very difficult task, but in a way, it usually gives its original touch to a game where suspense is the main protagonist, because specifically this puzzle as such usually takes place in much of chapter 3.

How to solve the hospital fuse puzzle in Little Nightmares II?

It is necessary to get the quantity of 2 fuses that are vital to power the elevator, which makes it an important action to access the floors of the upper part of the hospital in Little Nightmares II, so that our work is usually done in this way:

  • We enter the waiting room where we are presented with the opportunity to observe the empty fuse room and the elevator upstairs.

  • Then we proceed to move up through the stairs and look to the right, managing to visualize a closed door.

  • As there is no way of access, it is necessary to return, we go down the stairs and move through the corridor in order to get to where the X-ray machine room is located.

  • It is necessary to take a look at the images on the wall where the desk is when entering because one of them shows us a key, since it usually opens the door that is closed and is part of our activities to know how to solve the hospital fuse puzzle.

  • We must take care of entering the children's play area and proceed to mobilize towards the library to take the rabbit stuffed animal.

  • Then we must go to the elevator with the object of lowering and go to where the incinerator is, proceed to turn it on and as soon as the fire goes out, we observe that the door opens, we only have to bend down to take the key.

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  • Knowing how to solve the hospital fuse puzzle is very complex, which makes us have to climb the stairs in order to open the door and choose to go through the dentist's room.

  • Then we walk in the direction of where the screen is, and we will see the door that is closed, here it is necessary to use Six in order to be able to propel ourselves through a gap in the door.

  •  Once we get to the next area at Little Nightmares II, we take and throw the cardboard box, as it is blocking the way under some shelves.

  •  We continue our journey to know how to solve the hospital fuse puzzle and this leads us to observe an animated corpse that usually appears on an operating table.

  • It is necessary to stay alert and this is because later on it is possible that you can detach your hand and crawl, it is not surprising in a horror game.

  •  We proceed to mobilize a little and observe that the hand is chasing us at Little Nightmares II, so we must choose to get on the shelves in order to avoid it, however, we must not trust ourselves because it can go up and grab our faces.

  • It is important to run and stay as far away as possible from the hand, which leads us to occupy ourselves with running and climbing in order to reach a vent which allows us to choose to crawl to the next area.

  •  We continue avoiding the hand and go down to the last shelf where we have the possibility of stopping the fuse on a workbench, we choose to go up, take it and throw it to the ground, to jump and fully prepare for a battle with the hand that is an epicenter to find out How to solve the hospital fuse puzzle.

  • It is necessary to take the hammer from the hospital that is further ahead and proceed to kill the hand, for this we must give it a total of 3 blows.

  •  It should be noted that we must be direct when hitting the hand and this is because it can dodge the blows and jump, which makes us have to hit every time we strike.

  • Now, with a dead hand in Little Nightmares II, it is time to take the fuse and go to the exit where we take care of removing the box that is blocking the way and proceed to throw the fuse out the window of the door.

  •  Next we must go through the door and take the fuse to return to the staircase, taking care to take it to the metal door that is closed and enter it in that box and go through the door.
  •  We walk to the right as soon as we enter the next area where it becomes necessary to get Six to propel us again through another door.

  •  We take care of turning on the flashlight and choosing to pull the lever on the wall to turn off the lights, it is necessary to point the flashlight, point the light with the right press towards a mannequin that is directed at us and proceed to stop it, while we leave the bedroom.

  • In our work to know how to solve the hospital fuse puzzle, we proceed to move through the dining room and go through where there are immobile mannequins, to go to the upper door on the left side and here some mannequins get a life of their own which makes necessary to run.

  • Next, we take the flashlight and avoid the first two mannequins by just sliding under the bed, then in the next area we run quickly between them and proceed to illuminate them as soon as they are grouped in Little Nightmares II.

  • Then it is necessary to go back a little to where the broken door of the room is, and we choose to run, in addition to jumping to take the ledge that is above and allow us to escape in Little Nightmares II.

  •  Then it is necessary to get on the desk to access the vent that allows us to enter the next corridor where we must drop and proceed to walk towards the next corridor.

  •  It is important to consider walking slowly and with slight movements, otherwise it could alert the mannequins, however, a mannequin will leave its cell in order to chase us, making knowing How to solve the hospital fuse puzzle force us to run and get under the beds to save our lives.

  •  Other mannequins will choose to approach forward, specifically two, which is necessary to shine the flashlight on them, and this opens the way for us to reach the end door of the corridor, where we turn and keep the light on, preventing the mannequins from chasing us.

  •  Then it is necessary to turn around and choose to run to where the drawers are located because it is possible to climb up to get through the vent and this allows us to fall into the shower room, where we choose to throw a bar of soap at the button of the door to open it.

  •  Next we must use the switch to turn off the lights and enter the next room where we observe that a mannequin manages to get up from the wheelchair and go to where we are, and it will be necessary to turn on the light switch so that the mannequin does not can reach us.

  •  Next, to continue our task on How to solve the hospital fuse puzzle, it is necessary to push the wheels in order that it can reach the other side of the room and choose to go up in order to cross the doorway.

  •  Then we enter the last area where there are mannequins chasing us in the dark, it is necessary to hug the wall and shine the light on the first two we get, which allows us to pass between two chairs, because here it is something more complex avoid them.

  •  Our work makes us have to move through a maze of mannequins and to make each of them come to life, it will only be enough to move the thumb in the direction that we consider favorable.
  •  It is necessary to be as vigilant as possible because the mannequins will come from everywhere, which makes us manage to group them all to use the flashlight and be able to stop them at Little Nightmares II.

  •  Then being at the end of the room we proceed to run and slide under the wooden boards that are blocking the door and choose to escape.

  •  Knowing how to solve the hospital fuse puzzle makes us approach the wall of the room of the electric chair and jump to pull the lever using the stool, the idea is to get the fuse down to the tray next to the closed door to throw it away.

  •  Six will be in charge of tare the tray to its side where he introduces the fuse in the box to open the door, which makes it necessary to go out and take the fuse.

  •  Then we must go back to the elevator fuse box and insert the fuse, Six will put the other one in the corresponding slot and the elevator doors will open to show us that we have finished this task in Little Nightmares II.

This is all you need to know about How to Solve the Hospital Fuse Puzzle, because while it is somewhat complex, it is also worth noting that it makes Little Nightmares II a different game.

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