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We continue our tour of Genshin Impact where we are going to talk to you about How to unlock the ballads of Breeze Windblume festival

What are Breeze Windblume ballads in Genshin Impact?

 This is one of the necessary activities, and they are part of version 1.4, because as we progress in this game we are offered some interesting activities from which it is not possible to get away, since it is an activity that is available for all platforms, in this sense, knowing how to unlock the ballads of Breeze Windblume festival makes us consider having an account:

  • Access the Windblume Invitation / Windblume festival.
  • Reach Adventure Rank Level 20.
  • Complete the mission Archon Prologue Act III Song of the Dragon and Freedom.

How to unlock Breeze Windblume festival ballads in Genshin Impact?

 Once we have managed to circumvent and overcome the activities mentioned above, it will be vital to mobilize to Mondstadt, because here a history mission awaits us that is usually achieved automatically and is called "Ode to the Flower and the Cloud", it is necessary to complete a mission to unlocking the ballad in Genshin Impact, this leads us to consider talking to Lizzie who is usually achieved by directing the challenges "Festival of the Wind", luckily the ballads are usually achieved easily, so knowing how to unlock the ballads of Breeze Windblume festival focuses us on avoid climbing, swimming or planning, otherwise these ballads can be performed anywhere, because for this, sun will suffice with:

  • Go to the Windblume Festival page.
  • Then select the "Challenges" tab
  • Next we will see among the four challenges the one of "Breeze Windblume ballads".

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    These are the four challenges present:

    • Heavenly Fate: This is usually unlocked from the start.
    • Early Dawn: This usually unlocks on March 22.
    • Profound Force: This one is usually unlocked on March 254.
    • Parable of Frost: This is usually unlocked on March 28.

     Knowing how to unlock the ballads of Breeze Windblume festival is an interesting task, since the ones mentioned above are the songs that we will interpret, since they have some particular score, portraits and particular rewards. In this sense, it is worth emphasizing that there are 3 difficulties in ballads in Genshin Impact, and they are:

    • Normal.
    • Hard.
    • Pro.

     Now, each difficulty has a particular score that allows us to earn rewards for this challenge, in this way when we touch "Start performance" we will see that the difficulty we want is shown at the bottom on the right side, this makes us play it only on this difficulty, and it is not possible to change it until you have completed the previous level, we must also consider the different boots that exist and usually make up a total of 8, it is necessary to take care of pressing the bright circle so that it overlaps next to the indication of user interface, because there it will show us: either you do it well or you don't, we will see that the circles will go to the rhythm of the song and choose to press the appropriate button according to the track.

     In this sense, we must consider these buttons to select:

    • In PC, we press WASD and IJKL.
    • In PS, we use the D-Pad and the face buttons.
    • On mobiles, it is only necessary to choose to touch the circles.

     In general terms, knowing how to unlock the ballads of Breeze Windblume festival allows us to embark on a very interesting music task that is only available in Genshin Impact.

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