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The adventures in Genshin Impact do not end, and therefore it is convenient to tell you how to unlock the peculiar wonderland.

What is wonderland in Genshin Impact?

This game has managed to entertain us for some time, as we progress we get more interesting activities, in this sense knowing how to unlock the peculiar wonderland leads us to explain that this is nothing more than an activity that is part of the Festival “Invitation of Windblume”, however, to get there it is vital to consider some tasks in advance, and they are:

  • Reach an Adventure Rank of 20.
  • Overcome the search for Archon Prologue Act III "Song of the Dragon and freedom."

How to unlock the quirky wonderland in Genshin Impact?

 Once we have managed to overcome the obstacles mentioned above, it is time to go to Mondstadt, because that is where we are offered the possibility of automatically locating the history mission called "Ode to the flower the cloud", and usually to be near the "Forest of Whispers", now, the wonderland is usually located on the other side of the lack of the bridge that connects to the city, we must get access to the bright blue door in order to interact to get into the country.

 Within this search to know how to unlock the peculiar wonderland it is necessary to consider that this usually occurs as a kind of minigame where it is necessary to execute and complete a total of 3 challenges, and from there we are offered the possibility of facing the final boss, within these activities there are 5 specific mini-games in this quest for Genshin Impact t, and they are usually the following:
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    The stone jester: this is a minigame that leads us to have to stand on the stones that are not rumbling and avoid falling while the timer is running, because here there are two options for the event to culminate, either because they all fall or because the timer expires.

     Blessing of the wind: this is another minigame that is part of knowing how to unlock the peculiar wonderland for this challenge it is necessary to collect a good amount of flowers that fall from the sky, considering that we are in a certain period of time, it is vital to be careful, as some flowers can turn red 30 cm from our head they can explode.

     Barrier minute
    : we are still immersed in Genshin Impact and the next minigame leads us to sprint and run, as we must be careful and choose to avoid attacks from the center pillar, here we get two particular waves, purple ones that usually have openings and usually widen while they open and other red ones that it is vital to dodge and for this we must jump.

     The big crash of the bubble:
    Our task is to avoid the bubbles that tend to fall downwards for which it is necessary to choose to make use of the sprint in order to be able to cross and not be hit, we must also be fast because we are under a stopwatch.

     One-way traffic:
    We must focus on avoiding stepping on any tile because it is possible to get trapped there, and we will fall, it is only necessary to memorize the way to the market on the ground at the beginning and with that to be able to finish.

     We must consider these dates to work comfortably:

    • As of March 22, the bubble accelerator.
    • From March 28 the bright path.
    • As of March 28 No landing.

     These activities can be done alone or in a team, and they are very pleasant activities that allow us to have the possibility of achieving:

    • Earn rare collaboration coupons that can reach the amount of 200 at the end of the race.
    • We get up to 1200 coupons for each stage.
    • There is a chance to earn primogems within this event.

     Now that you know how to unlock the peculiar wonderland it is time to embark on these activities and thus continue the fun in Genshin Impact.

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