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Phasmophobia is still latent and that is why it is interesting to tell you how to use the parabolic mic, let's see.

What is the parabolic mic in Phasmophobia?

This is nothing more than a fantastic tool that we have in this game and its purpose is to detect ghosts at a certain distance, in this sense, knowing how to use the parabolic microphone makes us work more easily, especially for players without a lot of experience, because those who are already adapted to this plot can skip it.
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    How to use the parabolic mic in Phasmophobia?

    This is an excellent resource that we have in the most recent update, and it is usually vital to access the objective called "Detect ghost steps during a hunt", in this sense, it is well worth explaining some aspects of interest and these are:


    •  The parabolic mic has the ability to detect sound in a range of 30 meters.
    • It has a width of around 6 meters.
    • It is possible to walk and point this parabolic mic in different directions in order to pick up sound.
    • This parabolic mic usually works through doors and walls.
    • After equipping the microphone it is possible to turn it on and for this it is necessary to click with the left mouse button.
    • We must move slowly to check as much as possible, as the screen usually updates every 2 seconds.
    • When a ghost makes noise, the screen will show us the increase in the number in relation to the direction where said noise has occurred.


     Now, to detect the footsteps of the ghosts it is usually necessary to aim and for this it is vital to consider having an idea of ​​where to do it, for this we usually have the possibility of unleashing a hunt angering the ghost while we are with a sanity at a medium level , the hunt is usually started when we see that the flashlight blinks, and the Walkie-talkie turns off, we must be patient and protect ourselves, to know that we have it, it will only be enough to realize when it usually approaches us walking, which will make us mobilize running to the locker or closet that may be closest and choose to keep the door closed until the hunt can end.

     This is all we can tell you about How to use the parabolic mic as it is a very interesting and feasible tool that we can use in this update of Phasmophobia.

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