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Angel Marquez
2021-03-15 15:36:16

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This time we return with a Genshin Impact guide, aiming to explain how to beat Stormterror.

Who is Stormterror in Genshin Impact?

It is one of the bosses that initially we are going to face after overcoming the prologue, in reality we will go through a mini-game of shooting on rails, the combat against this requires to overcome the Archon mission of the prologue act 3 that corresponds to a long shot, itself is at the point of adventure rank 18, we can then face it by unlocking the Trounceo domain, it becomes the lair of this boss, in order to obtain rewards it is necessary to know how to defeat Stormterror and in this guide will be explained, let's look closely.
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How to beat Stormterror in Genshin Impact?

Our approach is to go with everything with the production of damage, for the members of the group have to go in that direction, able to complement with the support DPS with the elemental reactions, we must bear in mind that this boss is capable of flying the longest time of the combat, being unattainable by some characters in melee, so in order to understand how to beat Stormterror, a ranged character is important, effective DPS, which must be had in this combat, we certainly can consider Ganyu and Venti for work, while the F2Ps become complements with Fischl or Amber, as long as the level is high, here in this Genshin Impact combat there will be no stages, their attacks are also static, then managing to face another weekly boss in this way, making it necessary to understand his attacks.

In this combat you have to go for your shield until you damage it, because when it runs out we will see its weak point, and we can start to drop its health bar with our damage, even if it is in a brief window to take advantage of, when its shield is exhausted it will, You will see exhausted, thrown to a platform that will reveal the existence of a crystal in your neck that becomes the weak point to solve how to defeat Stormterror, when it is exposed it is important that we have the elemental blast accumulated and thus activate it at that moment of vulnerability that it will have in Genshin Impact, the sweeping attack is very frequent, it is necessary that we go quickly to the left or right to avoid the damage, another of its attacks is the bite, with this it is difficult for us to avoid it, but when we realize that this is located in the center of the platform where we are also, then we must jump before when the head of the boss comes in our direction.

The breath sweep ability is the most dangerous move that Stormterror possesses, which is positioned on the platform to deliver a very powerful attack with great damage as a result from the mouth and through the platform at Genshin Impact, on the opposite side of the platform It is necessary that we go at that moment, which will allow us to cause constant damage to his shield when attacking his loss, we certainly see many melee attacks, but he has a couple of ranged abilities, with which the wind orbs are generated capable of making us shoot from a distance, with these orbs it is possible to easily avoid them by just going in the opposite direction in terms of how to defeat Stormterror.

Reaching the peak of this confrontation in Genshin Impact, we have one more move to consider from this boss, it is his Cracking Roar ability with which he launches a tremendous scream, thereby causing the platform to start to shine and cause us damage over time, what we will do at that moment is to use wind currents from the edges of the platform, which allows us to go to another adjacent platform so that these screams do not affect us, once we have managed to see how to defeat Stormterror there are somehow many artifacts that will be unlocked, these from the set of gladiator and high-level vagabonds troop, having our adventure level high, we can achieve unlocked talent promotion materials.

 Now that you know how to beat Stormterror, just do it and tell us how you did in this fight to progress in Genshin Impact.

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