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Angel Marquez
2021-03-15 15:32:22

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We invite you to discover How to beat Tartaglia, a new task in Genshin Impact, let's see.

Who is Tartaglia in Genshin Impact?

It is a weekly boss, through which we can access different rewards for once a week, it is certainly a complicated combat although it does not seem as dangerous as the other bosses, the confrontation occurs once we have completed the mission of archon of the first chapter, in this way we can challenge her in the domain of the troop southeast of the port of Liyue, now to understand How to beat Tartaglia we must consider the advice that this guide offers us from here on, let's see them.
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How to beat Tartaglia in Genshin Impact?

It is important to have a born healer, having a main and a support DPS to complete the elemental reactions, with the pyro type it has to be the composition of the DPS relying on the electro type for the elemental reaction overload created, certainly to find How to beat Tartaglia you have to consider the change of elemental attack type, this during 3 stages of combat, in the first his focus will be on the Hyro, during the second they will be on the electro and for the last his attacks from the previous stages will be mixed , those of Hyro and electro, then in Genshin Impact it is necessary to have desiccant potions so that we achieve good resistance to water and insulating potions for electricity, the simplest stage can be considered the first, our time to attack is at this stage then, once he employs his hydrowave or arrow combo firing ability.

Once he uses these movements, he will reach a point where he will pause, then that moment is when we take the opportunity to cause significant damage to his health, certainly in the first stage he is able to move with speed generating a pool of hydrogen Around him, what we will do when visualizing this situation is to go to the extremes of the fight place, because Tartaglia is capable of making a hydro whale appear, which ends up hitting us all in Genshin Impact, after that we are going to enter the second stage, this is when they will change their forms of attack, use electric hydro attacks at a distance, their speed is greater and with teleportation through the area it will cause us great pressure, but when their electric blades are equipped, it will be the right moment to solve How to beat to Tartaglia, noticing the electric ring around him we have to activate the skill of the immersion, it is important to avoid damage when noticing this.

Once we get to the last stage, we must take into account its electrical attacks, but melee and distanced, taking into account that its speed has dropped considerably, our best options in terms of How to beat Tartaglia go through the The fact of provoking it to attack us in short distance and then from the back will cause tremendous damage, for being the winner in this Genshin Impact combat we can obtain the high-level Gladiator artifact set, also among other materials.

 We can conclude that knowing how to beat Tartaglia is easier than thought, considering the application of the guidance received here from Genshin Impact, let's just do it and continue progressing in this adventure.

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