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BitLife: How to emigrate to Romania

2020-04-30 12:53:39

The vampire challenge makes us mobilize in BitLife, it is time to know how to emigrate to Romania

Why immigrate to Romania in BitLife?

  There are so many specific places in this game it is necessary to have to move to Romania, but this is only done for a single objective and that is to complete the vampire challenge, since it is only one of the tasks necessary to fulfill it, it allows us to explore other spaces Because only by moving we have the option of knowing and if we live there, we simply adapt to another way of life and different customs that in some way represent some kind of advantage.

How to emigrate to Romania in BitLife?

 Living in Romania is simply a necessary option to complete the vampiric challenge, but there are two ways to achieve it, either by being born there or emigrating, each one decides to choose the best alternative, even when the most comfortable is to be from that place.

Starting a new life in Romania is an option when completing the challenge, this is achieved once the character dies, since we are presented with the possibility of creating a character worth the custom redundancy, for this it is necessary to move in the part of top on the left side of the screen.

The other option that we have available is to emigrate to Romania and to achieve this it is necessary to move to the activities page and advance to the license tab where we will get the option “emigrate”, there we find a list of countries we only focus on Romania specifically , then it is necessary to have the approval to emigrate, in some cases it is usually a little slow, in some cases it may not occur, but entering illegally is complicated, because it is highly likely that the authorities of that country can imprison and deport us to our country, where it will simply be extremely difficult to try again, so the first option will simply be better.

 This is all you need to know about how to emigrate to Romania, as it is a necessary task in BitLife to complete the vampire challenge. Good luck with that.

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