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Stake deaths are an option to perform at BitLife, we invite you to discover How to impale someone

Why is it necessary to impale someone in BitLife?

  The very idea of thinking about going through someone with a stake is just a bit confusing to us but in this game it is necessary to carry it out, because even if it is complicated and represents a high risk it is necessary to execute it because with it we can achieve the vampire challenge alone that we must wait some time to do it, that is, when we are adults and we have money.
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    How to impale someone on BitLife?

    There are two fundamental requirements to achieve this, one is to be an adult, and the other is to have enough money to pay lawyers, thereby avoiding the need to go to jail, because going through someone with a stake, leads us to mobilize to the tab " activities ”and there choose to choose Crime, then our task is to go down to the option of murder, and look where it says“ impale ”, then look for the person to whom we are going to do this practice, we can choose someone who be close to us simply choose a person at random.

    Impaling a person simply carries a high risk, and if we do not have enough money we will stop in jail in such a way that our goals simply fall, because we lose up to the house, also the possibilities of living are highly reduced, that's why The need arises to do it well as an adult since by this date we have managed to raise a considerable amount of money to pay for lawyers and that these do not allow under any circumstances to go to jail.

     Now that you know how to impale someone it is only time to do it yourself, because this challenge allows us to achieve other interesting achievements that BitLife has, luck

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