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Today we bring you a Fallout 76 guide where we will explain how to find Rad Ants.

 In Fallout 76 the Rad Ants turn out to be of vital importance for the creation of an object that is very useful, throughout the journey through the game we may find this resource in different places, everything depends on the difficulty, even the cultivation is not It will hurt if we do, now we will see in this guide the details that will lead us to the understanding of How to find Rad Ants, so let's pay attention.

What to know about the Rad Ants in Fallout 76?

There are different named ants in the game, the one with deadly growth, the one with a deadly soldier, the glowing poisonous, the scorched the seeker of excess growth, in short, the one we are looking for is of no importance, our purpose is Rad Ants. For this reason, we will have to focus on what comes from here on in this guide, regarding the answers we are looking for.
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    How to find Rad Ants in Fallout 76?

    There are many places in which we can find these ants and these are the following:


    •  The Adams Camp
    • The Dolly Sods Desert
    • In Appalachian Antiquities
    • Watoga High School
    • The Giant Teapot
    • The Lucky Hole mine
    • Hopewell's Cave
    • Monongah MZ-03 power substation
    • Thunder Mountain TM-02 Substation
    • At Fort Defiance


     In the southeast part of the map we will have the possibility of cultivating these ants, visiting some of the places that we missioned before, such as the Appalachian Antiquities, Fort Defiance, Lucky Hole Mine, Thunder Mountain substation and High School. from Watoga, since these are in the southeast and we put a CAMP further south, it is easy to rotate them all and return to our CAMP, we must bear in mind that ant meat turns out to be the most difficult to obtain, for those that the return to our camp is necessary to make the drink and thus manage to complete the daily search and saving something for us in case it is necessary that we use the drink.

     Finally, now that we know how to find Rad Ants, we can continue to progress in Fallout 76.

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