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Collectibles in Little Nightmares are necessary, let's see where to find all the nomos

How many and what are the nomes in Little Nihtmares?


 Before knowing where to find all the nomos in this game it is good to consider that these are quite small humanoid-shaped creatures, it is necessary to get them and hug them, they are children whose heads are sharp, they are collectibles and in this game there is specifically the possibility of getting at least 13 of them, in addition to considering that these creatures are nomads.


Where to find the names of the den in Little Nightmares?


  •  The first nome of this area leads us to have to climb the stairs but before reaching the top it will only be necessary to look to our left to get it.
  • The second for its part is hidden in a room, this means that it will be necessary to use the lever on the pillar, wait for the opening to fall through the hatch and when this happens we will climb the ladder to go to the area where it is hidden .
  • We continue to go for the third one, this is a little more tedious because taking it will make us have to follow it in a book zone.

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Where to find the names of the guest area in Little Nightmares?


  •  The first is in a secret room and to achieve this it is necessary from the beginning of this area to move to the left and that this leads us to the room.
  • We continue to go through the second this requires that we move a stool that is at the end of the area, for this it is necessary to avoid some guests and proceed to take a look at the right side of the room to move the stool and get our creature.
  • The third name of this area is in the first room, it is necessary to use the advisor to get to one that is on the left side but we can only get it after we have broken a mirror.
  • The fourth and last name of this area we get when we are hungry since it will be who gives us a sausage.


 Where to find the names of the prison in Little Nightmares?

  • The first of them we can get it from the right side of the opening and for this it will only be necessary to take a look at the right side of the refrigerator.
  • For its part, the second requires jumping a ledge and opening a cage, so our task is to go to the cage area but without having to climb to the next room, it will only be necessary to walk until you reach the ledge.
  • The third is inside a box so it will be necessary to choose to go to the cabinets once more and turn on a flashlight on the left side and follow it.


 Where to find the kitchen names in Little Nightmares?

  •  The first of them requires that we get the key and enter the bathroom, since it is located in the upper corner of the room.
  • The second one is inside a jar that will have to be broken, to locate it it is necessary to have the key with us and go directly to the pantry to find a brown jar on the left side.
  • Finally the third will take us to crawl under the table that contains the machine to make sausages.

 This is all we know about where to find all the names, we hope that you too can take a walk through Little Nightmares and locate them, it will be simply interesting.

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