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In the Fallout 76 universe we have many tasks and one of them is How to get the Grognak axe.

  Throughout Fallout 76 we will have access to a significant number of different weapons, having access to them through purchase in the store, or by manufacturing in some cases, there is a weapon capable of being used in melee, here in In this guide we will talk specifically about that weapon, so we are going to know how to get Grognak axe in precise details, let's see what it is about.

What is Grognak's axe in Fallout 76?

It is a mechanism that brings with it an outstanding offensive power, with great capabilities for hand-to-hand combat, leaving aside any other weapons of the same style, for these weapons we will explain in this guide How to get Grognak axe, just pay attention and keep reading.
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    How to get Grognak's axe in Fallout 76?

     We have several options to obtain this weapon, being 3 methods, one of them is through an enemy that drops it in the game, then we have to manufacture it and for the third option we have to buy it in a store, We have that the first method is perhaps the most viable, a defeated enemy may occasionally drop weapons, only it will be random, when facing the most outstanding, legendary creatures such as the glowing, demon and miners the chances that Drop Grognak's ax exists, at Watoga station other players with greater chances of success have been told to drop this weapon.

    In the case of the second method, we have to replicate this weapon by manufacturing it, bearing in mind that we can have it as a drop or it will simply be in a store, we are before other random options, holiday gifts have sometimes been the means to achieve these plans manufacturing, there are witnesses of some who got this ax by this route, for which hopefully this method can be very useful to us, for the third and last we have to do with the store, here we will buy the weapon or the plan to creation, it is said easy but in reality it is not, this has to do with the fact that the weapon and the plan are not available to get them in the store, so it is necessary to constantly visit the place randomly will be available at some point.

     This way we finish our Fallout 76 guide, now you know how to get the Grognak axe, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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