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This time we return again with a Fallout 76 Wastelanders guide to indicate How to complete Mission Out of Control

What is the control search mission in Fallout 76 Wastelanders?

Normally in this game we will have to get ourselves some enemies that are mutants and will not leave us alone, but in addition to this it is our duty to protect the settlers from the looters who will always remain like hyenas on the prowl, waiting how to attack and every minimal opportunity to To achieve this, we must add the possibility of obtaining allies and this mission of dealing exactly with allies that are out of control and it is our task to obtain them.

How to complete Mission Out of Control in Fallout 76 Wastelanders?

Our first task will be to get to Sugar Groove to get ATHENA, and proceed to mobilize towards the entrance, where we will have to bring down Mayor Gusty, only he will not be alone, he has some protective guardians and we will also have to load them, because we need the way Clean enough since the success to know how to complete mission out of control depends on the precision and the elimination of objectives, at this point we will not get a tower that we will have to shoot to be able to clear and advance, it is only necessary to have in Mind that we did not accidentally come to this place.

In order to access where the mayor is, it is necessary to have an access card this because it is a place that is heavily guarded, so we talked to Daguerre because we need access to the USSA card, which has easily been scanned to Sugar and has got the location of this at Fallout 76 Wastelanders.
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    Once we have found to clean this place it is necessary to go further inside for it is ideal to move up through the stairs and try to get to the left side, there is a room where Mayor Gusty is located, we will have to go cautiously to get closer through the door that is in front, where we will arrive at a new area where we will be attacked by Robobrain, this is simply a sentry, so we will have to go down through the door on the left and from there move through a corridor, only this will end up taking us to another sentry who is located on the second door.

    How to complete mission out of control is complex but the difficult is very well rewarded, so we will have to eliminate it in order to take the recording of an automatic call and proceed to leave only that this will not be easy in Fallout 76 Wastelanders because after going through the stairs we meet a sentry again to which we will have to eliminate it to proceed to the right, and do everything possible to get not to be detected by the Assaultron Dominator, we keep moving in a straight line until we get an Artemis and ATHENA, with whom we interact and we will achieve get him to say hi.

    At this point it is ideal to experiment with a data system that is quite old here but we will not have the opportunity to fully explore it, since as it goes against so we will have to settle for loading the Arachne system, if we are lucky we will get this Experiment with and making it less of a problem for Sophia, as both she and Emerson will tell us not to listen to the machine and just go with Arachne's hologram.

    Everything seems to indicate that ATHENA has only been a pawn, at this point we must be clear enough, since it is likely that it will completely shut down or choose the "green sunrise", only that the best option we can get is to turn off the machine, with this done Daguerre will comment to us when she feels good, because according to her it has been a long time that she does not control herself in this way, so she will be grateful to us for our work, after all we have managed to complete our task on How to complete the mission Out of control and the Commander has satisfied satisfied with the work.

    Now you know how to complete mission out of control just dedicate yourself to following the complicated steps to achieve it without having to put much effort into Fallout 76 Wastelanders.

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