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Drug Dealer Simulator: How to Smuggle Backpack Items

2020-04-23 13:55:45

We continue on the wave of Drug Dealer Simulator and this time we will explain how to smuggle backpack items

  Definitively, staying as the leader of the cartel is extremely important, since the distribution and expansion of the business are relevant aspects and we simply cannot ignore it, since our role is concentrated in contraband.
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How to smuggle backpack items into Drug Dealer Simulator?

 In order to smuggle it is necessary to take into account 4 necessary steps, since we must be careful as possible as possible to avoid being captured.

  • Our job is to smuggle therefore it is important to preferably get the drugs to go through the checkpoint, it is possible to smuggle something else also if we consider it feasible.
  • At this point it is necessary to throw the backpack, for this we will have to approach the fence in the old town of the east, the ideal thing is to aim a little elevated from the top of the fence, because this is an excellent location from we will have a view Great to watch the backpack, at this point it will only be necessary to press and hold the B button as we jump to launch the backpack over the fence.
  • This step is quite complex because we will have to go through the police checkpoint and allow the officer to check our pockets, simply quite strong but we will manage to pass it without any inconvenience.
  • This is the last step that we must follow and perhaps it is a fairly simple one, since we have already managed to pass the police, then the time comes for the search for the backpack that we have launched on the other side of the fence, with this we complete our work of smuggling articles .

 In this sense, knowing how to smuggle backpack items is simply a cunning task that we can implement in Drug Dealer Simulator.

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