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F1 2020 will finally arrive in a couple of days and we are going to explain to you what are the racing styles, let's see.

What can we say about F1 games?

It is necessary to be clear that these are simulation games and specifically F1 2020 has made some interesting changes, especially because it has managed to offer a more authentic approach than it was in previous seasons, it is truly a game that not only fans enjoy, because Even informal players are given the chance to enjoy it, as there is something for everyone here.
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    What are the career styles at F1 2020?

     The novelties for this year 2020 have not been delayed and right now we are presented with some very interesting options, as this implies the possibility of playing with the parts of the car that can affect the driving experience, the impact on the form of acceleration and brake, as this usually allows us to have a somewhat simpler control than usual starting from some very striking options such as:



    •  The casual control setup is kept fairly simple.
    • A more fluid and consistent direction
    • Brake assist
    • The possibility of returning to the track as soon as we have left it.
    • The possibility of using the DRS automatically.
    • We are blocked for automatic transmission.



    •  The standard control settings are more balanced in this game.
    • It allows us to switch the main systems of the car so that it works efficiently.
    • We can choose to use DRS and ERS to get bursts of performance by overtaking or overtaking other opponents.
    • We can alternate other career options.
    • We can make manual or automatic gear changes.

    Whichever configuration we wish to use, both are viable and therefore knowing which are the racing styles allows us to achieve optimal results, each configuration has its characteristics and it is our challenge to use the one that best suits us, since here the ideal is to experiment and Do everything possible not to make mistakes because these can be quite expensive and the idea here is to enjoy but at the same time learn to drive as best as possible.

     In this sense, knowing which are the racing styles will allow us to choose what is most favorable to us `to be high-performance competitors in F1 2020.

    Microsoft Windows PC, PlayStation 4 PS4, Xbox One, Stadia
    Codemasters Birmingham
    Ego engine
    Release date:
    10 July 2020
    Single-player, multiplayer
    age rating (PEGI):

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