Angel Marquez
2021-07-16 09:29:04

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Today we bring you a F1 2021 guide where we will explain how to fix MyTeam Save Corrupted.

What to know about MyTeam Save Corrupted in F1 2021?

It is a bug that is annoying that occurs when we have progressed a lot in the game, it has certainly corrupted our saved game, so to have an idea of How to fix MyTeam Save Corrupted we have the opportunity to orient ourselves with the content of this game. guide and that comes next.
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How to fix MyTeam Save Corrupted inF1 2021?

Officially, no response has been presented to How to fix MyTeam Save Corrupted in F1 2021, this is due to the little evidence that it is an affectation in a general way, it is considered an error that happens to few of us, so not There is a way to correct this problem, however we can opt for what is indicated in this image until a patch can be released to correct the problem, there is an opinion that indicates not to edit the livery of the car in the team headquarters because that is why the problem occurs, those of us who have the damaged games cannot do anything, we only have to wait for prompt news about it, including the solution with the patch once the full game is released.

  Finally, now that we know how to fix MyTeam Save Corrupted, we can only wait for official solutions in F1 2021.